200 Best Ice Pop Recipes
200 Best Ice Pop Recipes
200 Best Ice Pop Recipes 200 Best Ice Pop Recipes 200 Best Ice Pop Recipes 200 Best Ice Pop Recipes 200 Best Ice Pop Recipes 200 Best Ice Pop Recipes

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Publisher: Robert Rose

Author Statement: Andrew Chase
Audience: Trade
Specs: 24 color photographs, index
Pages: 256
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Publication Date: 20130321
Copyright Year: 2013
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200 Best Ice Pop Recipes

From simple and straightforward to rich and luxurious, there's enough variety to keep you experimenting all summer!

Making your own ice pops is one of the easiest ways to create mouthwatering homemade treats. The world's favorite hot-weather pick-me-up can satisfy every craving, from fresh and fruity to rich and creamy. And in addition to being refreshing, many ice pops even make a nutritious snack!

This tantalizing collection contains a wide range of recipes, including tastier versions of old standards like Fudge Ice Pops and exotic flavors inspired by distant climes, like Pomegranate Berry Ice Pops or Strawberry Lassi Ice Pops. Andrew has created recipes that will satisfy chocolate lovers and caramel fanatics, as well as those who love spices, internationally inspired fare and healthy treats.

All of your icy goodness needs will be met by the selections in these chapters: Citrus Fruits, Temperate-Climate Fruits, Berries, Mediterranean Flavors, Tropical Fruits, Chocolate, Fudge, Caramel and Cream, Soda Fountain Ice Pops, Herbs, Spices and Vegetables, Classic Comfort Desserts, Tea and Coffee, Latin American Flavors, East and Southeast Asian Flavors, Indian-Style Ice Pops, Less-Drip Ice Pops, Holiday Ice Pops and Cocktail Hour.

Whether it's a healthy "less-drip" ice pop to keep a toddler happy or a cocktail-inspired version that appeals to adults (Margarita Ice Pops, anyone?), each and every recipe provides a super-fun and easy, not to mention delicious, way to cool off.


Andrew Chase was food editor of two leading magazines for more than a decade. A critically acclaimed chef and food writer, he focuses on authentic and creative international cooking, with a particular interest in Chinese and other Asian cuisines.

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