Tikal: The Center of the Maya World
Tikal: The Center of the Maya World
Tikal: The Center of the Maya World Tikal: The Center of the Maya World

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Publisher: Mikaya Press

Author Statement: by Elizabeth Mann ; illustrated by Tom McNeely
Series Name: Wonders of the World Book
Audience: Juvenile
Age range lower: 9
Age range upper: 13
Specs: full color illustrations throughout, gatefold, map, index
Pages: 48
Trim Size: 10" x 10"
Language code 1: eng
Publication Date: 20021102
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Tikal: The Center of the Maya World

Part of the Wonders of the World series, this volume looks at Tikal, the great Maya city in the Yucatan Peninsula. The book provides a history of Tikal and the Maya world.

During the first millennium AD, one of the world's great civilizations appeared in the dense jungles of Mesoamerica. All over the Yucatan Peninsula, the Maya mastered sophisticated principles of mathematics, architecture, agriculture and astronomy and created scores of powerful city-states. At the center of this world was the largest city of them all -- Tikal.

Sprawling over twenty-five square miles, Tikal was situated in the heart of the Yucatan, near rivers that flowed to every corner of the Maya world. Tikal prospered from trade and military triumphs. Its rulers used its wealth to build a magnificent city of palaces, grand plazas and some of the largest stone pyramids seen in the Americas.

As with all great achievements of a civilization, Tikal is a window into the culture that created it. By telling the story of the city -- from its humble beginnings, through its bloody wars, to its "golden age" -- Tikal illuminates the Maya world in all its grandeur, glory and genius.

Wonders of the World series

The winner of numerous awards, this series is renowned for Elizabeth Mann's ability to convey adventure and excitement while revealing technical information in engaging and easily understood language. The illustrations are lavishly realistic and accurate in detail but do not ignore the human element. Outstanding in the genre, these books are sure to bring even the most indifferent young reader into the worlds of history, geography, and architecture.

"One of the ten best non-fiction series for young readers."
- Booklist


This is Elizabeth Mann's eighth Wonder of the World Book, the award winning series cited by Booklist as one of the ten best nonfiction series for young readers.

Tom McNeely is the recipient of a Lifetime Achievement Award from the Canadian Association of Photographers and illustrators in Communications. He is the Illustrator of A Long and Uncertain Journey, a Booklist "Editor's Choice" as one of the best books for youth of 2001.

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