Around the World in 80 Maps
Around the World in 80 Maps
Around the World in 80 Maps Around the World in 80 Maps Around the World in 80 Maps

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Publisher: Firefly Books

Author Statement: Clare Hibbert
Audience: Juvenile
Age range lower: 8
Age range upper: 12
Specs: full color throughout, 80 maps, glossary, index
Pages: 96
Trim Size: 8 1/2" X 11" X 9/16"
Language code 1: eng
Publication Date: 20170815
Copyright Year: 2017
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Around the World in 80 Maps

An eye-opening journey that will broaden children's knowledge about the world.

The British Library has one of the largest collections of maps, plans and topographical views in the world, numbering some 4.5 million and with a chronological spread of over 2,000 years. This book compiles eighty maps to take readers on a fabulous journey around the globe. With a nod to Jules Verne's Around the World in 80 Days, the trip starts and ends in London, crossing the oceans and stopping at some of the world's most fascinating places.

Maps are marvelous documents. Not only colorful and revealing, they are a record of a place at a particular time. Here, the maps exploit children's preferences for visuals while educating and entertaining.

There are details to pore over as well as stories about how and why these maps were made and by whom. Concise and informative text explores each place in more depth, revealing its history, famous people, landmarks, wildlife, culture and customs. Helpful fact files provide at-a-glance information to broaden geographical knowledge.

Maps include:

  • World, 1623
  • Europe, 1851
  • Corsica, 1489
  • Venice, 1720
  • Zurich (aerial), 1576
  • Moscow, 1575
  • Egypt, 1600's
  • Istanbul, 1422
  • California, 1777
  • St. Louis (aerial), 1764
  • Virginia, 1590
  • Arctic, 1595.
  • Children will enjoy browsing the maps, learning along the way and sparking interest in the world and dreams of adventures. An ideal gift book.


    Clare Hibbert is an author and editor of more than 200 children's books, specializing in natural history, art and culture, including the Revolutions and Micromonsters children's series.

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