The 250 Best 4-Ingredient Recipes
The 250 Best 4-Ingredient Recipes
The 250 Best 4-Ingredient Recipes The 250 Best 4-Ingredient Recipes The 250 Best 4-Ingredient Recipes The 250 Best 4-Ingredient Recipes The 250 Best 4-Ingredient Recipes The 250 Best 4-Ingredient Recipes

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Publisher: Robert Rose

Author Statement: by Margaret Howard
Audience: Trade
Specs: 16 pages of color photography, 250 delicious, quick and easy recipes, index
Pages: 208
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Publication Date: 20090101
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The 250 Best 4-Ingredient Recipes

A wide-ranging collection of 4-ingredient recipes selected for both their ease of preparation and their taste appeal that also includes tips on nutrition, freezers as well as kitchen ideas and recipe variations.

Great quick recipes for the busy cook that do not compromise taste.

Imagine creating a delicious home-cooked meal in minutes with only four simple ingredients. It's easy with these recipes.

Beginner and experienced cooks alike can make tasty and appetizing meals on those hectic days when there is barely a minute to spare. Countless recipe variations, with dozens of nutrition suggestions, kitchen tips and cooking techniques, make this an invaluable reference. Margaret Howard includes recipes to suit every taste:

  • Appetizers and beverages like tapenade and white wine
  • Spanish sangria
  • Hearty soups like cabbage beet borscht and pasta fagioli soup
  • Breakfasts like heuvos rancheros or puffy oven pancakes
  • Salads such as Italian pasta insalata or cabbage and carrot slaw
  • Seafood dishes like herb-roasted salmon and cumin-crusted halibut steaks
  • Poultry dishes like mushroom chicken stroganoff and chicken burritos
  • Meats dishes like Thai burgers and pork chops with cranberries
  • Pasta and grain dishes like broccoli and red onion pasta or sun-dried tomato quinoa
  • Vegetarian dishes like black bean chili or caramelized onion and goat cheese pizza
  • Desserts like ginger ricotta cream or raspberry mousse.
  • With just four simple ingredients, any cook can prepare and enjoy delicious meals in minutes.


    Margaret Howard is an author, registered dietitian and a professional home economist.


    From the Introduction

    In choosing the title for this book, The 250 Best 4-Ingredient Recipes, I was curious to learn whether there is any special meaning to the word four.

    I was indeed pleased to come across, with considerable help, the real significance of this word. It has far deeper meaning than 1, 2, 3, 4 in numerical order. There are four elements -- earth (or solids), water (or liquids), air (or gas) and fire. There are four seasons -- winter, spring, summer and fall. There are four points to the compass. There are four sides to the square. You will no doubt think of many other ways the word four or number 4 enters your life. I hope that this book will be one of them.

    In this book , I offer quick food preparation for the busy person who is not willing to compromise on great taste. The four-ingredient concepts counts water, salt and pepper as non-ingredients. Everything else is an ingredient!

    Getting Started

    Planning in all aspects of life is important no less so in meals. I suggest that the following points be considered with regard to meal planning. Unless stated otherwise, all recipes use large eggs and either 2% or homogenized milk.

    • Be a planner by taking about 10 minutes to plan your dinners for the week. It's one of the best ways to ensure you place healthy dinners on the table even when you are in a hurry.
    • Plan meals around main ingredients that cook quickly, such as fish, eggs, chicken breasts, cooked ham and turkey.
    • Choose lots of fresh fruit and vegetables as support to the main ingredient.
    • Choose main dishes that you can add to or alter to accommodate other ingredients. For example, when meat is the main dish, plan a side dish such as pasta that can be changed into a main entrĂ©e with the additions of beans, cheese, hard-cooked eggs or tofu.
    • For budge supper solutions, choose inexpensive cuts of meat and meat alternatives that are both nutrient-packed and budget friendly. Stretch meat and seafood by cooking them in pasta dishes, risottos, soups and stews.
    • Plan one-pot meals such as stews, chilies or soups that are easily reheated in single-serving amounts.
    • Use grains such as bulgur and couscous which, like rice and pasta, cook quickly.
    • When necessary, used canned and frozen vegetables. They come out of the package ready to cook.
    • Keep prepared sauces and spice mixtures on hand to add instant variety and flavor to your cooking.
    • The microwave oven makes side dishes, such as rice, easier to prepare.
    • By adding a new ingredient to your shopping list each week, you will soon have expanded your repertoire.
    • Use quick-cooking methods such as broiling and grilling.




    • Getting Started
    • Measuring Up!
    • General Cooking and Selection Techniques

    Appetizers and Beverages


    Breakfasts, Brunches and Breads

    Salads and Salad Dressings

    Fish and Seafood


    Meats, Sauces and Marinades

    Pasta, Rice and Grains

    Vegetarian Dishes


    Desserts and Dessert Sauces


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