Fatal Depth: The Rise of Oceania
Fatal Depth: The Rise of Oceania

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Publisher: Fitzhenry and Whiteside

Author Statement: Timothy S. Johnston
Series Name: Rise of Oceania
Audience: Trade
Pages: 416
Trim Size: 6" X 9"
Language code 1: eng
Publication Date: 20210527
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Fatal Depth: The Rise of Oceania

THE MISSION: Sink an unsinkable warsub.

At over four hundred meters long with a crew of six hundred, it's the largest submarine in the world.

It seems futile.

It's a vessel created to start -- and end -- wars: a dreadnought.

Sixty-eight torpedo tubes. Twenty nuclear ballistic missiles with one hundred and sixty warheads. Mines. Grapples. A revolutionary propulsion system.

And a brand new weapon: The Tsunami Plow.

The warsub has just devastated the United States Submarine Fleet HQ on both the Atlantic and the Pacific Coasts. Thousands are dead and the subsequent environmental disaster has pushed the US economy to the breaking point.

Now Truman McClusky, Mayor of Trieste City on the shallow continental shelf just off the coast of Florida, has given his team an impossible task: infiltrate the enemy warsub, blend in with a hostile crew, damage the vessel from within, and hope to hell they can escape before it takes them all down.

But they have no choice. They have to sink the warsub, or die trying.

Because its next target is the one that would spell doom to The Rise of Oceania: Trieste City.


Timothy S Johnston has been an educator for 20 years and a writer for twenty five. He is the author of two series: The Tanner Sequence and Rise of Oceania. He lives in southwestern Ontario.

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