Crossing the River
Crossing the River
Crossing the River Crossing the River Crossing the River

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Publisher: Firefly Books

Author Statement: Véronique Massenot and Clémence Pollet
Audience: Juvenile
Age range lower: 4
Age range upper: 7
Specs: full color throughout
Pages: 40
Trim Size: 5 1/2" X 11 3/4"
Language code 1: eng
Publication Date: 20201030
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Crossing the River

What is a tiger to do when it can't cross the river?

One day in the jungle, an elephant starts to cross a river when behind him comes a pair of tigers, beautifully striped, as tigers should be. "Wait for us, lovely elephant! We want to cross without getting our fur wet. Can you take us on your back?" The elephant shrugs his shoulders. "Of course. For a strong animal like me, one tiger, two tigers ... It's not a big deal. Have a ride." "Thank you, beautiful elephant!"

Thus begins this beautifully illustrated story, reminding young readers of the value of manners, cooperation and kindness. Muted primary colors and realistic renditions of the wild animals engage and delight. The story's joyful appeal and the large easy text will have children returning to the story again and again.


Véronique Massenot studied art in Paris. She has written or illustrated 60 books, many award-winning, and 30 of which have been translated into eight languages. She also contributes articles and illustrations to children's magazines. She lives in France.

Clémence Pollet studied in Strasbourg and Paris, where he now lives and where he specializes in illustration and engraving. He has published more than ten children's books and contributes to publications, including The New York Times, Marie-Claire Enfants and La Vie. He has won numerous awards for his work.