About Firefly Books

About Firefly Books

Firefly Books Ltd., established in 1977, is a North American publisher and distributor of non-fiction books for adults and children. More particularly, our aim is to bring readers beautifully produced books written by experts at reasonable prices.

For more than 30 years, Firefly has emphasized the four-color book. Most of our books are illustrated throughout with drawings and photographs of the highest reproduction value. We print all of our books on quality FSC-Certified paper and with durable bindings.

Firefly Books is dedicated to publishing superior and useful books about wildlife conservation, practical science, healthy living, and stimulating content for young minds. "Our goal," says Firefly president Lionel Koffler, "is to depict the full-color world in which we live and to give good value at the same time."

To give good value, "the book must be well written, designed and manufactured. The buyer - consumer or library - must also be sure that the book is rewarding, and giving something back," says Koffler.

Firefly Books has particular strengths in natural history, astronomy, gardening, cookbooks, health, pictorial books, reference books (especially for children) and sports. Firefly also works closely with some of the world's best publishers to bring an extensive range of books to all ages and reading abilities. Our children's titles are second to none.

As well as publishing its own books, Firefly provides distribution and marketing for companies with philosophies and publishing programs similar to our own. Robert Rose Inc., and Mikaya Press are among our client publishers as well as Fitzhenry & Whiteside (for USA only).

Firefly Books is proud to have published books as diverse as Robert Munsch and Sheila McGraw's sentimental favorite, Love You Forever (over 30 million copies in print), and the best introduction to amateur astronomy available, Terence Dickinson's Nightwatch: A Practical Guide to Viewing the Universe (Fourth Edition: Revised and Expanded for Use Through 2025).

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