Top 10 of Everything 2015
Top 10 of Everything 2015
Top 10 of Everything 2015 Top 10 of Everything 2015 Top 10 of Everything 2015

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Publisher: Firefly Books

Author Statement: Paul Terry
Audience: Juvenile
Age range lower: 10
Age range upper: 18
Specs: over 1000 full-color photographs and illustrations, sources, further information, index
Pages: 320
Trim Size: 7 1/2" X 9 1/4" X 1"
Language code 1: eng
Publication Date: 20140911
Copyright Year: 2014
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Top 10 of Everything 2015

More than just number 1.

A bestseller is back! The popular Top 10 series was packed with pictures and charts and information. The 2015 edition will be bigger (320 pages vs. 256 pages) and once again deliver the

  • tallest
  • scariest
  • windiest
  • fastest
  • lightest
  • winning-est
  • slowest
  • worst
  • free-est
  • deadliest
  • loudest
  • most-wanted
  • brightest
  • sleepiest
  • longest reigning
  • deepest
  • driest
  • most valuable
  • richest
  • wettest
  • most aggressive
  • heaviest
  • cleanest
  • of

  • games
  • books
  • basketball players
  • Olympic athletes
  • buildings
  • bridges
  • pop music
  • twitter followers
  • movies
  • oil production
  • race cars
  • Oscar winners
  • paintings

and much more!

Packed with unusual comparisons, special features, awe-inspiring photographs and holographic foil histories, engineering feats, and thousands of facts and pictures, the Top 10 of Everything 2015 will be one of the most desired and appreciated reference books of the 2014 season.


Paul Terry is a non-fiction author who has worked with leading brands, including LOST, The Simpsons, LEGO and Disney. He lives in London, England.



Top 10 of Everything returns with MORE pictures, facts, quizzes and incredible lists than ever before! We don't just focus on the number one spot, we delve WAY beyond to uncover things you would never have imagined possible. T-10 examines subjects with amazing detail and eye-popping facts that will blow your mind. From terrifying dinosaurs to road-shredding cars, billion-dollar movies, and sky-scraping structures, it's all right here...


What's Inside?

Section One: Mechanical Marvels

    War Of The Machines
    On The Road
    Gadgets And Robots
    Your Shout

Section Two: Animal Kingdom

    On Land
    Beneath The Surface
    Into The Deep
    Take To The Skies
    Your Shout

Section Three: Gaming Galaxy

    Gold Coins
    Total Platforms
    Online Adventures
    Outside The Box
    Your Shout

Section Four: Sport Zone

    Explosions Of Power
    Going The Distance
    History Of Sport
    Piston Heads
    Sport Simulations
    Show Me The Money
    Your Shout

Section Five: Forces Of Nature

    Natural Disasters
    Power Plants
    Your Shout

Section Six: Music Mash-Up

    Chart Toppers
    Fan Forum
    Price Tag
    Live And Loud
    Your Shout

Section Seven: Epic Structures

    Built To Entertain
    Artistic Flare
    Extreme Builds

Section Eight: Movie Showtime

    The Big Screen
    Heroes And Villains
    Your Shout

Section Nine: Only Human

    Science Of The Body
    Epic Journeys
    Mind Over Matter
    Movers And Shakers
    Your Shout

Section Ten: Infinite Space

    Reach For The Stars
    Science Of Space
    Close Encounters
    Beyond Cybertron
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