Hockey Hall of Fame Book of Trivia
Hockey Hall of Fame Book of Trivia
Hockey Hall of Fame Book of Trivia Hockey Hall of Fame Book of Trivia

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Publisher: Firefly Books

Author Statement: Questions and Answers by Don Weekes
Series Name: Hockey Hall of Fame
Audience: Trade
Specs: 300 full-color and black-and-white photographs, index
Pages: 304
Trim Size: 6" X 8 1/2" X 7/8"
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Publication Date: 20141017
Copyright Year: 2014
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Hockey Hall of Fame Book of Trivia

Unique facts and little-known data for the fervent fan.

Hockey Hall of Fame Trivia features the most distinguished and influential men and women who have ever played the game, policed the ice or called the shots from the bench and the boardroom.

In his latest book hockey trivia guru Don Weekes, who has written more than 20 hockey-trivia books, has created 160 unique questions and eight trivia games that chronicle the members of the Hockey Hall of Fame.

Here are some of the challenging questions:

  • Superstars Evgeni Malkin and Ilya Kovalchuk wear sweater numbers honoring which Hall of Fame member?
  • How many of the five Canadian skaters who were on the ice when Darryl Sittler scored the climactic 1976 Canada Cup-winner later became Hall members?
  • Which modern-day player entered the Hall of Fame having scored the highest percentage of his team's total goals in one season?
  • Which NHL 500-goal-scorer waited the longest for Hall recognition after his retirement?

Fully illustrated with 300 images, Hockey Hall of Fame Trivia will enlighten novice fans, challenge die-hards and provide fun for anyone of any age interested in hockey and the Hockey Hall of Fame.

The Hockey Hall of Fame and Museum in Toronto honors and preserves the history of ice hockey and those who have made outstanding contributions and achievements in the development of the game.


Don Weekes is an award-winning television producer in Montreal. He is the author of more than 20 trivia books on hockey.


Stars and Scars

It's a celebration that unites hockey greats through the ages.

Timeless in spirit, induction into the Hall of Fame represents the culmination of a lifetime of sportsmanship in pursuit of excellence. The chase and the enormity of the accomplishment of each new inductee connect the Hall's colorful players, builders and officials.

It's a legacy that is exemplified by hockey brand names like Wayne Gretzky and Howie Morenz but that is also imbued with the whistle-to-whistle toughness of Chris Chelios and Red Horner, the blue-paint genius of Ken Dryden and Georges Vezina and the Cup cunning of Scotty Bowman and Conn Smythe. Together, these stories help tell the story of hockey.

Without getting misty over such things as winter nights gliding across frozen ponds, these men and a few women are the game-shapers who, through their passion and commitment, advanced the sport more than simply by the measuring stick of mere statistics.

The early ambitions of these players were typically modest. When Joe Sakic was inducted in 2012, he identified with the many who are "just hoping to play one game" in the NHL. His superstar career far surpassed his one-game target, but it was never so big that Sakic imagined his place in history among this pantheon of ice icons.

That's why it's all so sweet. No matter how soft the hands or fast the reflexes, no one ever plays the game to become a Hall of Famer. This prize is just beyond reality. How they made it here is larger than life--and unique, like the Hall of Fame defenseman who only started skating at the age of 16 or the Hall puckstopper named a First All-Star in five different major leagues before his NHL debut. Many more would rule the game's greatest records, accomplish its most enduring moments and realize several historic firsts.

The Hall of Fame has become a multi-dimensional chronicle that is layered with the headline-grabbing heroics of those who challenged the naysayers to wildly succeed as draft-day rejects, those who boycotted their own Hall inductions to take a stand and those who carried their game off-ice, jeopardizing their careers for a stake in fledgling players' unions.

They joined fathers, brothers and linemates into Hall lore, while others brokered their so-so game into true fame behind benches and desks as builders of franchises and leagues. Then there are the few of breathless beauty who skated out of nowhere to rock the NHL universe on the international stage.

Hockey's hallowed halls of fame are decorated with stars who have made places like the Canadian Prairies hockey-famous but who are also rutted with scars that bare the flaws of a sport in evolution--deep wounds worthy of any on the battle-worn mug of Ted Lindsay.

Through it all, the Hall has had few allegiances. Every team, every era and, hopefully, every country are represented without bias. The one true standard is greatness.

It was an enlightening objective to squeeze in all of these exploits, current to the Hall's class of 2013. Along the way we challenged official marks, such as Alex Connell's long-held NHL shutout streak, and discovered several intriguing Hall achievements, including the shortest wait from retirement to induction as well as the longest interval--a delay of more than half a century. We tracked down a few one-game wonders who managed Hall membership despite their minuscule NHL GP, and we didn't pull any punches on future enshrinements, separating the pretenders from the real contenders.

It has been said that there are players who get you to the playoffs and players who get you through the playoffs. If we may add to that bit of bench wisdom, there are also players who get you crowned champion. That bounty of glory often ices Hall of Famers. In fact, no team in NHL history was won a Stanley Cup without a future Hall member.

With all that, let's lace 'em up and strap 'em on.

-- Don Weekes



    Stars and Scars
  1. No Ordinary Path
    • Questions and Answers 1–20
      Game 1: They Call Him Mr. Hockey
  2. Class Acts
    • Questions and Answers 21–40
      Game 2: In His Footsteps
  3. The Game Breakers
    • Questions and Answers 41–60
      Game 3: The Twilight Zone
  4. True or False?
    • Questions and Answers 61–80
      Game 4: Triple Gold
  5. Crease Magnets
    • Questions and Answers 81–100
      Game 5: The Twilight Zone
  6. Blood, Sweat and Cheers
    • Questions and Answers 101–120
      Game 6: A Big Deal
  7. The Waiting Game
    • Questions and Answers 121–140
      Game 7: Action Heroes
  8. Grail Trail
    • Questions and Answers 141–160
      Game 8: Cup Hunters

Index of Trivia Answers

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