Gifts Kids Can Make
Gifts Kids Can Make
Gifts Kids Can Make Gifts Kids Can Make

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Publisher: Firefly Books

Author Statement: Sheila McGraw
Audience: Juvenile
Age range lower: 6
Age range upper: 14
Specs: More than 250 full color photos throughout
Pages: 96
Trim Size: 8 1/2" x 11"
Language code 1: eng
Publication Date: 19940901
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Gifts Kids Can Make

Here's an easy book of enjoyable crafts projects for kids -- all with the aim of making a valued gift for someone important.

Step-by-step simple instructions show how to make high quality toys, ornaments, dolls, jewelry, pet toys and decorative items for all occasions. All of the gifts are made from easy-to-find materials that you probably have around the house: make a bunny from a facecloth, a hobby horse from a work sock, ornaments from spices and fruit, jewelry from magazine pages, a basket from a piece of rope and some cloth strips -- and much, much more.

When the gift is finished, wrap it with lively, inventive gift wrapping in the form of bags, boxes, card and bows that are made from both new and recycled materials -- all featured in the "Wrap It Up" section.


Sheila McGraw is author of Painting and Decorating Furniture, Papier Mâché Today, Papier Mâché for Kids, Dolls Kids Can Make, and Soft Toys to Sew. She is the illustrator of the best-selling children's books Love You Forever, and Lightning Bug Thunder as well as author/illustrator of Pussycats Everywhere.


Getting Started

  • Getting Started Age Groups, Money, This Book

Gifts to Make

  • Terry Bunnies
  • Cotton Babies
  • Birdies
  • Apple Cinnamon Ornaments
  • Citrus Ornaments Pomanders, Medallions, Topiary
  • Pocket Purse
  • Fuzzy Kitty
  • Kitty's "Doormouse"
  • Rolling Stones Brooch, Necklace, Hair Clip, Earrings
  • Decorator Basket
  • Baby, Baby, Baby!
  • Doggie Deli
  • Photo Frame
  • Hobby Horse

Wrap It Up

  • Bags Shaped Bag, Drawstring Bab
  • Bows Loopy Bow, Plastic Bag Bow, Flower Bow
  • Big Wraps Comic Wrap, Block Printing
  • Crazy Christmas Stocking
  • Envelope Wrap Pyramid Box, Ice Cream Cone, Valentine
  • Cards High Tech Cards, Embossing and Burnishing, Ruffled Cards
  • Boxes Jewelry Box, Soft Box

More Wrapping Ideas

  • Coffee Can Box
  • Deluxe Lunch bag
  • Foiled Again
  • Shaped Bag
  • Open Wrap
  • Blue Jean Wrap-up
  • Wild Beast Box
  • Custom Box
  • Custom Bag
  • Lollipop Wrap

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