Waterfalls of New York State
Waterfalls of New York State
Waterfalls of New York State Waterfalls of New York State Waterfalls of New York State Waterfalls of New York State

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Publisher: Firefly Books

Author Statement: Scott A. Ensminger, David J. Schryver, Edward M. Smathers; photographs by Edward M. Smathers
Audience: Trade
Specs: 200 full color photographs, maps, references, index
Pages: 240
Trim Size: 7 1/2" X 9" X 3/4"
Language code 1: eng
Publication Date: 20120809
Copyright Year: 2012
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Waterfalls of New York State

Features more than 100 scenic waterfall destinations throughout New York State.

New York State is home to arguably the most famous waterfall in the world, Niagara Falls. But thanks to its diverse terrain and an abundance of rivers and streams, the state also boasts more than 2,000 other waterfalls. From delicate cascades to thundering cataracts, each has its own compelling story.

Waterfalls of New York State is a celebration of more than 100 of the Empire State's most beautiful and interesting falls, presented by three long-time waterfall enthusiasts who know their subject matter firsthand: Edward Smathers tackles the Capital and Hudson Valley regions; Scott Ensminger reports on the Finger Lakes and Greater Niagara; and David Schryver covers the North Country.

Each waterfall is presented on a two-page spread with a full-page color photograph and descriptive text that includes details about the geology of the falls, local history, driving directions, access information, suggestions for the best vantage point for viewing, as well as other area interests. Sidebars feature handy at-a-glance information, such as the nearest settlement, walk time, trail conditions, GPS coordinates and the size and type of waterfall.

Filled with gorgeous photographs and featuring regional location maps, Waterfalls of New York State is a valuable regional travel guide for weekend explorers, fans of waterfalls, visitors and armchair travelers. Canadian travelers from Quebec and Ontario will appreciate the many day trips available just over the border.


A resident of western New York, Scott A. Ensminger has a longstanding interest in waterfalls. Over the past 25 years, he has written a number of books about the waterfalls of New York, including The Caves of Niagara County, New York; A Waterfall Guide to Letchworth State Park; Finger Lakes Falls; and Niagara's Sisters. In 1991, Ensminger initiated the Western New York Waterfall Survey. Visit his website at falzguy.com.

David J. Schryver was born and raised in northern New York. A native of Watertown, in Jefferson County, he has lived the past 34 years in St. Lawrence, the state's largest county. A high school math teacher for 33 years, Schryver has always had an interest in waterfalls, and around the time of his retirement in 2006, he started to visit and research the dozens of falls in his home area. This passion and his sideline of web development led to the website nnywaterfalls.com.

Interested in photography since he was young, Edward M. Smathers has taught himself the technical aspects of camera systems, gradually honing his skills and learning the fine art of photo editing. Capturing the essence of the natural world and waterfalls has become almost an obsession for Smathers, who spends much of his time searching out new locations and beautiful subjects to photograph. A native New Yorker, Smathers has traveled all over the world but is confident that his perfect shot will be taken right here in New York State. Visit his waterfall website at digthefalls.com and his professional website at edwardsmathers.com.

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