Soccer Strategies: Attacking, Defending, Goalkeeping
Soccer Strategies: Attacking, Defending, Goalkeeping
Soccer Strategies: Attacking, Defending, Goalkeeping Soccer Strategies: Attacking, Defending, Goalkeeping

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Publisher: Firefly Books

Author Statement: by Paul Fairclough
Audience: Trade
Specs: color illustrations throughout, tip boxes
Pages: 104
Trim Size: 5" x 7 3/4" X 6/16"
Language code 1: eng
Publication Date: 20090901
Copyright Year: 2009
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Soccer Strategies: Attacking, Defending, Goalkeeping

A coach soccer player's guide to the best rechniques and most effective plays.

A coach and soccer player's guide to the best techniques and most effective plays.

Professional soccer coach Paul Fairclough provides expert advice for players of all levels, demonstrating how they can improve the skills and tactics used in their game, whether as an attacker, defender or goalkeeper. The book covers every critical play for each position. For example, a defender must pass the ball at a critical time, an attacker must never be afraid to shoot for goal and a goalkeeper must know the precise moment and just the right move to make a save.

Expert advice from professional coaches and players is given in concise, easy-to-follow instructions, complemented by full-color spreads. Some of the features that make this book especially easy to use include:

  • Profiles of each position
  • Full-color photo sequences that show body positions for each technique or skill
  • Diagrams that show passing positions and plays
  • Step-by-step coaching points that offer encouragement
  • Tip sidebars to help players improve their technique
  • Practice drills specific to each position
  • Corrective actions for overcoming common errors.

Soccer Strategies is a practical, hands-on addition to a soccer player's training regime and a coach's practice plans.


Paul Fairclough was a team manager in the Football Association (FA), the body that regulates soccer in England. He is an FA-qualified coach and a trained teacher.



They Call It The Glory Game

The famous Brazilian, Pele, once called soccer "the Glory Game." Arguably the greatest player of all time, Pele played more than 1,000 senior games and scored more than 1,000 goals. He won three World Cups -- the first when he was just 17 -- and gained worldwide fame that lasted long after he actually retired from playing soccer.

His sheer joy for the game -- especially scoring goals -- was obvious in pictures from his playing days. And you only have to look at any newspaper or soccer magazine to see players celebrating scoring.

Goals -- and glory -- are what the game is all about. It is not always the attackers, or forwards, who score the goals, but it is their job on the field to do so, or to lay on chances for their teammates. Some of the best attackers manage to score goals despite close marking from defenders. Other attackers are more cunning. Spain's Raul scores his fair share of goals, but also often makes clever runs to confuse defenders and help his colleagues to score.

This book will help you develop many of the tricks of the attacker's trade, such as shooting and being in the right place at the right time. It will show you how to lose your marker and how to be a real team player by giving your pals a chance to score.

Above all, it will try to show how improving your skills can be fun -- and help you get even more enjoyment out of "the Glory Game."


Table of Contents


Profile of an attacker
What makes a first-rate attacker?

Shooting for goal
Never be afraid to miss the target

Heading for goal
Be a star in the air

Receiving the ball
Master the ball

Passing for attackers
Sharpen your passing

Losing your marker
Making space

Running with the ball
Be in control -- keep your head up

Crossing the ball
The key to a special delivery

Tricks for attackers
Exercises to test what you've learned

Shielding the ball
Hold it up and wait for help

Attacker's challenge
Putting it all together with some fun drills

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