Stanley Cup: The Complete History
Stanley Cup: The Complete History
Stanley Cup: The Complete History Stanley Cup: The Complete History

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Publisher: Firefly Books

Edition Notes: Second Edition, New Format
Author Statement: Eric Zweig; Foreword by Phil Pritchard, The Keeper of the Cup
Series Name: Hockey Hall of Fame
Audience: Trade
Specs: more than 250 color and black-and-white photographs, tables, stats, index
Pages: 528
Trim Size: 6" X 8" X 1 1/8"
Language code 1: eng
Publication Date: 20181116
Copyright Year: 2018
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Stanley Cup: The Complete History

An official Hockey Hall of Fame book.

The definitive book on the history of the Stanley Cup and the championship teams that have won it.

Between the 1892-93 Amateur Hockey Association season and the 2017-18 NHL season, the Stanley Cup has been awarded 146 times in 126 seasons to 30 different franchises.

In Stanley Cup, Eric Zweig details every single championship, including rosters, stats, and stories from the seasons and the playoffs.

Over 200 photographs and incredibly unique statistical tables round out the season-by-season championship breakdown. Find answers for such questions as:

  • How many Stanley Cup finals were decided in Game 7?
  • How many Stanley Cup finals were decided in overtime?
  • Who has scored a Stanley Cup-winning goal and then went on to win a Cup as a coach?
  • How many players have won the Stanley Cup with three or more teams?
  • Who had the longest career without winning the Stanley Cup?
  • What are the most goals by one team in a Stanley Cup final game?
  • and many more.

Chart the course of hockey history and revisit the dynasties and Cinderella stories of each and every decade. From Bobby Baun's overtime winner on a broken leg to stave off elimination in the 1964 Stanley Cup final to Brett Hull's infamous "no goal" in Buffalo to seal the 1999 final, Stanley Cup is full of magic moments and incredible achievements.


Eric Zweig is an author and sports journalist who has written numerous books and writes for the Toronto Star, the Globe and Mail and the New York Times. He is a managing editor with Dan Diamond and Associates, publishers of the NHL Official Guide and Record Book.

The Hockey Hall of Fame and Museum in Toronto, Ontario, honors and preserves the history of ice hockey and those who have made outstanding contributions and achievements in the development of the game.

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