The Cottage Bible
The Cottage Bible
The Cottage Bible The Cottage Bible

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Publisher: Boston Mills Press

Edition Notes: Second Edition, Revised
Author Statement: Gerry Mackie and Laura Elise Taylor
Audience: Trade
Specs: 800 color photographs and illustrations, bibliography, index
Pages: 280
Trim Size: 8 1/2" X 11" X 3/4"
Language code 1: eng
Publication Date: 20160301
Copyright Year: 2016
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The Cottage Bible

Praise for the first edition:

"Cottagers, prepare to worship [this] must-have guide."
-- The Toronto Star

"New cabin owners will reap a greater confidence, a working vocabulary and an ace-up-their-sleeve with this book as a reference."
-- Cabin Life/Cabin Living

The Cottage Bible is the most important reference for a cottage owner. The expert guidance is essential for any vacation home, especially one near water with unique challenges. There is year-round advice on maintenance, buying a cottage, repairing burst pipes, and how to keep a lake healthy.

The authors share their wisdom in a colorful easy-to-use kit of troubleshooting, how-to guidance, and problem-solving tips such as:

  • Buying a cottage
  • Weather prediction
  • Lake health and water quality
  • Shoreline erosion
  • pH and acid rain
  • Maintenance tips for a safe well
  • Aquatic organisms
  • Septic systems
  • Fishing essentials
  • Building a dock
  • Living with wildlife
  • Light, heat and power
  • Seasonal closing of the cottage
  • Boating essentials
  • Repairing burst pipes.

The Cottage Bible is the essential year-round handbook.


Gerry Mackie is the author of four books and has contributed to a dozen others. He has 40 years of experience building and maintaining a cottage in the country.

Laura Elise Taylor is a journalist and photographer.

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