Anatomy of Exercise for Longevity: A Trainer's Guide to a Long and Healthy Life
Anatomy of Exercise for Longevity: A Trainer's Guide to a Long and Healthy Life
Anatomy of Exercise for Longevity: A Trainer's Guide to a Long and Healthy Life Anatomy of Exercise for Longevity: A Trainer's Guide to a Long and Healthy Life

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Publisher: Firefly Books

Author Statement: Hollis Lance Liebman
Series Name: Anatomy of
Audience: Trade
Specs: full color photographs throughout, general term glossary, latin glossary
Pages: 160
Trim Size: 8 3/4" X 11" X 1"
Language code 1: eng
Publication Date: 20150807
Copyright Year: 2015
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Anatomy of Exercise for Longevity: A Trainer's Guide to a Long and Healthy Life

A new addition to an innovative series with sales exceeding 250,000.

A recent study by Brigham and Women's Hospital and the National Cancer Institute found a direct relationship between levels of physical activity and increased longevity, regardless of body weight. The results revealed that walking briskly for just 11 minutes per day was associated with a gain of 1.8 years of life expectancy, compared with doing no such activity. Walking briskly for 43 minutes a day was associated with a gain of 4.5 years! Facts like this make it hard for almost anyone resisting exercise to find a reasonable excuse.

Anatomy of Exercise for Longevity: A Trainer's Guide to a Long and Healthy Life is the latest addition to a best-selling series and the ideal guide to approaching and maintaining physical activity beginning at any age.

The Anatomy of... books are revolutionary for their accessibility and insight into how different muscles of the body actually work during exercise. As such, they meet a variety of amateur and professional needs. In all, the series' ten titles have sold more than 250,000 copies in North America. This new book will perhaps be the most enthusiastically received. After all, everyone wants to live longer. The features are:

  • Full-body anatomy illustrations, front and back
  • Full-color photographs of exercises
  • Annotated full-color anatomical illustrations for all exercises
  • Identification of active, stabilizing and benefitting muscles
  • Concise how-to instructions for each exercise
  • Level-of-difficulty modifications
  • "Best For" information boxes
  • Safety tips boxes
  • Glossary of anatomical terms.

No other exercise book provides such rich detail tailored to the general reader. Approachable, non-judgmental and accessible, it is the ideal resource for anyone who wants to live a long, healthy and active life-- and don't we all?


Hollis Lance Liebman has been a fitness magazine editor and national bodybuilding champion and is currently a fitness trainer for some of Hollywood's elite. Previous books include Anatomy of Exercise for 50+: A Trainer's Guide to Staying Fit Over Fifty. His web site is



Longevity, defined as "a long duration of individual life," is something we all strive for--and we want not just a long life, but also a healthy one.

We want to be in it for the long haul.

Today we are seeing people living longer and, quite simply, living better.

Advances in medicine have certainly improved our chances of making it the century mark, but so too have advances in fitness and how we think about aging. No longer content to sit out our "declining" years, seniors are now jumping into the action. Now, more than ever before, parents and grandparents fill gyms and fitness centers, working out alongside their kids and grandkids. No longer does the sight of over-50s bench-lifting weights or bending into a complex yoga pose produce double-takes. Instead younger gym-goers are asking their elders how they too can look and feel as good.

Fit older folks have learned that there comes a day when aesthetics (how the body looks), takes a back seat to functionality (how the body performs). When the question "How much can I bench?" is completely unimportant and replaced with "How do I feel?" As surely as we are seeing well-being and performance decline less--and sometimes even improve with a proper health and fitness regimen--living for the long-haul with a high quality of life is rapidly becoming the norm.

Be it an injury, a stern warning from the doctor, a true glimpse into the mirror or any other such reason, there eventually does, however, come a point at which we simply can no longer do what we once did. We all eventually face the aging process. But what can keep this imminent process exciting rather than upsetting is the new goals that we can forge, along with a new way to achieve them. No longer have we accepted that aging equals permanent limitations or decline. What we have accepted is that working out, in addition to eating healthy, is truly the fountain of youth and will most certainly put the brakes on the aging process.

No matter what your age, it's never too late--nor too early--to begin longevity training. Anatomy of Exercise for Longevity isn't about honing a finely tuned athlete for a single event or peak performance--it's about improving your long-term well-being, whether you are 20 or 80. Longevity training can best be defined as the means of working toward an improved or maintained quality of physical life through a well-balanced program of fitness and nutrition. Longevity training will go beyond traditional weight training and include an equal measure of other longevity-boosting modalities, including strength training, postural/core exercises, mobility exercises, yoga exercises, cardio exercises, balance exercises, and flexibility stretches. In other words, we are striving less towards forging big arms and more towards maintaining healthy hearts, good posture, and flowing movement. The absolute takeaway is balance. The goal is to create a well-rounded individual who is not limited to merely being able to perform in the gym, but who also feels energetic and able-bodied out and about in daily life.

Imagine experiencing very little slowing down. Imagine living in less pain. And yes, imagine looking terrific at any age in your tank top, swimsuit, and even in just your birthday suit. Imagine no longer, for this book is your key to becoming that person.



    Introduction: In It for the Long Haul
    Full-Body Anatomy


      Swiss Ball Squat with Dumbbell Curl
      Lunge with Dumbbell Upright Row
      Swiss Ball Incline Dumbbell Press
      Swiss Ball Dumbbell Pullover
      Seated Alternating Dumbbell Press
      One-Arm Swiss Ball Triceps Kickback
      Dumbbell Calf Raise
      Swiss Ball Flye
      Swiss Ball Rear Lateral Raise


      Kneeling to Semi-Kneeling Progression
      Pelvic Side Raise
      Trunk Curl
      Reverse Trunk Curl
      Wall Squat
      Pilates X
      Swiss Ball Circles
      Swiss Ball W
      Swiss Ball Lumbar Rotation


      Couch Stretch
      Posterior Hip Mobilization
      Squat Test
      Anterior Hip Mobilization
      Ankle Dorsiflexion
      External Rotation Shoulder Extension
      Thread the Needle


      Child's Pose
      Downward-Facing Dog
      High Lunge
      Upward Salute
      Tree Pose
      Plank Pose
      Upward-Facing Dog
      Side-Angle Pose
      Chair Pose


      High Knees
      Butt Kick
      Diver's Push-Up
      Skater's Lunge
      Lateral Stepover
      Flutter Kick
      Power Punch


      Standing on One Foot
      Walking Heel to Toe
      Balance Walk
      Swiss Ball One-Arm Row
      Single-Leg Deadlift
      Swiss Ball Hamstring Flexibility
      Sitting Balance
      Swiss Ball Plank with Leg Raise


      Seated Leg Cradle
      Butterfly Stretch
      Hip and Lower-Back Stretch
      Side-Lying Knee Bend
      Kneeling Lat Stretch
      Triceps Stretch
      Biceps Stretch
      Wall-Assisted Chest Stretch
      Shoulder Stretch
      Lateral Stretch


      Newbie Workout
      Postural Workout
      Strength Workout
      Move-Easy Workout
      Total-Body Workout
      Range-of-Motion Workout
      Conditioning Workout
      The Noah's Ark Workout

      Credits and Acknowledgments

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