Brain Games for Puppies
Brain Games for Puppies
Brain Games for Puppies Brain Games for Puppies Brain Games for Puppies Brain Games for Puppies

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Publisher: Firefly Books

Author Statement: by Claire Arrowsmith
Audience: Trade
Specs: full-color throughout
Pages: 96
Trim Size: 6 1/2" X 8 1/2" X 5/16"
Language code 1: eng
Publication Date: 20141023
Copyright Year: 2014
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Brain Games for Puppies

Praise for Brain Games for Dogs, by the same author:

"Ideal for the growing number of dog owners who know that mental activity is as important as exercise when it comes to their dog's health and happiness."
-- Pet Business Magazine

Brain Games for Puppies is about more than just fun ways to play with a puppy. Animal behaviorist Claire Arrowsmith explains how mental challenges help to build a strong bond between a dog and its owner and prevent future behavioral problems. Playing games that use reward-based teaching methods provides motivation and establishes trust.

The book opens with a review of equipment and the essential obedience commands -- Puppy Sit, Puppy Down and Puppy Come -- as well as information on dog senses, using treats, addressing problems and responding to mistakes, safety, and much more. It covers equipment and using a clicker and addresses such issues as When Can A Puppy Begin To Play?, How To Encourage Play Behavior, Problems During Brain Games, and Play No-No's!

While some games provide more exercise than others, all of the games are brain games in that they challenge the puppy's ability to anticipate, solve problems and learn that by obeying commands it can continue to interact, play and have fun.

The brain games are organized by location and type:

  • Home Games include Puppy Sensory Play and Fun in the Play Pen
  • Active Games include Spin Spin and Buried Treasure
  • Search Games include Find It and Where's Your Leash?
  • Party Games include Take a Bow and Can I See Your Belly?
  • Outdoor Games include In and Out and Round About and Football Fanatic.

The games come with step-by-step instructions, difficulty ratings and notes on props or toys. Straightforward text and full-color photographs make Brain Games for Puppies a valuable guide to raising a happy, healthy and obedient dog. Along with a leash, food, bowls and a bed, it should be the first purchase a new dog owner makes.


Claire Arrowsmith is a zoologist and applied animal behaviorist. She has conducted research in dog aggression, animal rescue, behavioral consultations and the training of hearing dogs for the deaf. She is the principal practitioner for the Pet Behavior Centre. Her books include Brain Games for Dogs.


Introduction: Three Cheers for Puppies!

Dogs are very popular household companions -- it is estimated that over half of all households in the U.S. own dogs. This accounts for more than 90 million dogs in these parts of the world alone. Although all these puppies sprang from different backgrounds and many have different roles to play, I am sure that most owners hope that the puppies that we bring into our lives will remain our lifelong companions. Often they become as attached to us as human family members.


Dogs have not become this involved in our lives by accident. Historically there were significant advantages in living and working together for mutual benefit. Over thousands of years dogs have evolved to become superbly suited to our many different lifestyles and it would be hard to visualize a world without them. Aside from the working aspect of dogs, we must also recognize that living with a dog brings emotional and physical benefits to humans too. Dog ownership encourages adults and children to be more active, and it has been linked with lower cholesterol and blood pressure levels. Dog ownership can reduce the severity of anxiety disorders and has been shown to increase positive social contact for humans with various forms of physical or sensory impairment. Over recent years, exciting research has shown that dogs can detect by smell and alert us to very early signs of cancer and other conditions including diabetes and seizures. Dogs too have benefited from increasingly improved health care and diet, and owners will go to incredible lengths to ensure their pet has the best of everything with a dizzying array of products available for all income levels.


It pays to maximize your relationship with your puppy in order to improve its health, reduce training and socialization issues and to keep the puppy as happy and stimulated as possible. By doing this, behavioral problems should be reduced and, if they do crop up, the puppy/owner bond should be strong enough to remain positive through a behavior modification program. I firmly believe that having fun with your puppy and playing Brain Games is part of a healthy owner-dog relationship. I hope that after reading this book, you will agree with me.



Part 1: Introduction
Three cheers for puppies!

Chapter One
The Benefits of Puppy Play

    Preventing Future Behavioral Problems
    The Puppy Brain And Senses
    What Influences Your Puppy's Behavior?
    Sensitive Periods And Socialization

Chapter Two
Planning Your Puppy's Brain Games

    When Can A Puppy Begin To Play?
    What Games Can A Puppy Play?
    Are Brain Games Physically Safe?
    Individual Preferences
    Age Influence On Brain Games
    Brain Games Should Be Fun
    Reward Your Puppy
    Responding To Mistakes
    Keep Brain Games Enjoyable for Your Puppy
    What Treats Can A Puppy Be Fed?
    How To Encourage Play Behavior
    Problems During Brain Games
    Stop The Game!

Chapter Three
Equipment and Basic Lessons

    For You
    For Your Puppy
    Clicker Training
    Play No-No's!
    The Basic Lessons
    Puppy Sit
    Puppy Down
    Puppy Come!
    Games To Improve Puppy Recall

Part 2: Bring on the Brain Games

Chapter Four
Brain Games for the Home

    Games For Baby Brains
    Puppy Sensory Play
    Box Of Fun
    Gift Wrapped
    Fun In The Crate

Chapter Five
Active Games

    Twirling Around
    The Chair Cha-Cha
    Bring It Back
    Step Up
    Buried Treasure
    Yoga Dog
    Pull It!
    Into My Arms

Chapter Six
Search Games

    Food Forage
    Find It
    Where's The Biscuit?
    Where's Your Leash?

Chapter Seven
Party Games

    How Many Puppy Paws?
    Take a Bow
    Tell Me A Secret!
    Shake A Paw
    Cross Your Legs
    Roly-Poly Pup
    Can I See Your Belly?
    Puppy Shuffle
    Who's Behind You?

Chapter Eight
Brain Games For The Yard

    In and Out and Round About
    I'll Give You A Clue!
    Snakes and Ladders
    Surf Pup
    Walk the Plank
    Hide and Seek
    Soccer Fanatic

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