Weird Frogs
Weird Frogs
Weird Frogs Weird Frogs

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Publisher: Firefly Books

Edition Notes: ebook
Author Statement: Chris Earley
Audience: Juvenile
Age range lower: 10
Age range upper: 18
Specs: full-color photographs throughout, index
Pages: 64
Trim Size: 9" X 9" X 1/4"
Language code 1: eng
Publication Date: 20150219
Copyright Year: 2015
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Weird Frogs

A sneak peek into the remarkable world of the tail-less amphibians.

Some frogs blend into the green of their ponds, and live an unremarkable existence. But some are strange looking, having adapted to a special environment.

This colorful and informative book reveals a rare and close-up look at the odd beauty of some of the strangest of these creatures largely hidden from our view.

Weird Frogs features:

  • Beautiful photographs that show the frogs up close -- really close
  • Informative captions that provide fascinating details about the lives of these endangered and fascinating creatures.

Available in hardcover and paperback, the book will appeal to middle school students exploring topic ideas, younger students interested in wildlife and advanced readers who enjoy picture books.


Chris Earley is the interpretive biologist at the University of Guelph Arboretum. His kids' books that encourage youngsters to "find and identify your own" have been very popular. They include Caterpillars and Dragonflies.

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