1000 Home Details: A Complete Book of Inspiring Ideas to Improve Home Decoration
1000 Home Details: A Complete Book of Inspiring Ideas to Improve Home Decoration
1000 Home Details: A Complete Book of Inspiring Ideas to Improve Home Decoration 1000 Home Details: A Complete Book of Inspiring Ideas to Improve Home Decoration 1000 Home Details: A Complete Book of Inspiring Ideas to Improve Home Decoration

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Publisher: Firefly Books

Author Statement: Francesc Zamora Mola, editor
Audience: Trade
Specs: full color throughout, directory
Pages: 296
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Publication Date: 20131011
Copyright Year: 2013
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1000 Home Details: A Complete Book of Inspiring Ideas to Improve Home Decoration

A treasure trove of ideas for decorating the home.

A treasure trove of ideas for decorating the home.

For many people, shopping catalogs are a passion. They are a place to dream, get ideas and an excellent resource to keep for future inspiration. 1000 Home Details is better than a catalog. It is an encyclopedia of design akin to having an iconic decorator walk through the home and sprinkle creativity in every room.

Featuring interiors by designers and decorators from all over the world, and incorporating the latest in furniture and object design suited to all tastes, 1000 Home Details offers hundreds of useful ideas, tips, suggestions, advice, and solutions. Anyone decorating a first-time home or remodeling or updating an existing space will find it practical and inspirational.

1000 Home Details covers every area of the home:

  • Kitchen: Countertops, Storage, Cabinet accessories, Materials, Appliances, Plumbing fixtures, Lighting
  • Living Rooms and Dining Rooms: Dining tables and chairs, Bars, Seating, Coffee tables, Entertainment centers, Bookshelves, Screens, Materials, Accessories, Artwork, Fireplaces, Lighting, Table settings
  • Outdoor Spaces: Lounge furniture, Dining furniture, Lighting and lanterns, Outdoor accessories, Table settings
  • Bedrooms: Beds and headboards, Bedside tables and dressers, Benches and accent furniture, Decorative pillows and blankets, Lighting
  • Bathrooms: Sink consoles, Mirrors and medicine cabinets, Shelves, towel bars and hooks, Faucets, Lighting, Bathtubs and showers
  • Kids' rooms: Beds, Cradles, Seating, Desks, Toy storage, Clothing and shoe storage, Bedding.

Within each section, there are hundreds of imaginative ideas promoting functional and efficient use of space, creating comfort and atmosphere, and injecting style and personality. 1000 Home Details is a valuable resource with application throughout the entire house. It is the ultimate catalog of ideas.


Francesc Zamora Mola studied interior architecture in Barcelona and later in San Francisco where he honed his design skills working with innovative architecture firms. Currently, Francesc Zamora Mola lives in Barcelona and applies his experience to writing and editing about design and architecture.



From the kitchen where we start our busy days to relaxing bedrooms and bathrooms, we want each space to reflect our personality. Outdoor spaces are extensions of our homes and therefore, the same rules should apply. The same depth of thought must be put into every one of these spaces. We certainly want our rooms to look stunning, but also utilitarian. Form and function in decorating are equally important, and every room should accommodate the ways the occupants live, entertain, work and relax. Pulling all the components together can be arduous, but it can also be very rewarding.

When it comes to decorating, everything counts, down to the last detail. It is a work in progress, and so a home is actually never "finished." It evolves over time reflecting trends, lifestyle and our own personal tastes. A good way to start out is with questions about function, mood and personality, the three main design considerations.

Before taking any action, put some thought into who will be using a particular room: adults, children, both? How will it function: as a place for entertaining, as a working area, as a retreat for relaxation? Some questions should be room specific. For instance, how many cooks use the kitchen? Or how many members of a family share a bathroom? Once you've ascertained how a room should function, focus on how you want it to feel and what sort of mood you wish to create: cheerful, relaxing, dramatic? There is nothing better than vibrant colors to create a cheerful room where the sun seems to always shine. On the other hand, a neutral color palette tends to suit calm personalities. Using eye-catching furnishings sparingly or mixed with diverse styles can achieve a dramatic modern look.

Beyond a well-planned selection of furniture -- which will probably constitute a major part of your budget -- accessories, artwork, window treatments and linens will complement and bring in the final touches, reflecting your personality. Are you attracted to vintage style? Traditional, rustic cottage, French country, contemporary, eclectic? Each decorating style comes with its own characteristics and can fit in any room of the house, whether it's the living and dining room, the kitchen, the bedroom or the bathroom.

Vintage style showcases items of the past, some of which you can repurpose by transforming them into fresh home accents. Traditional styles are made up of classic furnishings often in formal arrangements. The key is to achieve a traditional style without looking dated. Rustic cottage is practical and comfortable, with soft colors and natural materials. It provides a space with a casual character whether it is a seaside retreat, a mountain refuge or a penthouse apartment in the city. Floral patterns, antique furnishings and gilded accents are characteristics of French country. With its casual elegance and homey comfort, this style pays homage to the south of France. More than just a palette of neutral colors and clean lines, modern style seeks a balance between sleek open spaces and comfort, avoiding an excess of accessories.

Regardless of style, each room should be looked at with specific attention. The living room is probably the most lived-in room of a home and might present a bit of a challenge since it often incorporates a dining area, and sometimes even a workspace. A sofa, some chairs, oversized floor pillows for lounging and several side tables can fashion a comfortable living room. Small gestures such as extra pillows, flower arrangements and scented candles create instant ambience.

The kitchen is more than just a cooking and eating place. If space allows for an island, it can be a nucleus for socializing. It needs to be, nonetheless, a functional utilitarian room with tough materials, good lighting, integrated appliances and cabinetry with convenient features.

While the living area and the kitchen are spaces suitable for socializing, the bedroom is a private space. It is a room where one can express their most personal tastes. Decorating a bedroom for kids is fun, but can be intimidating, while a master suite with a bathroom invites a luxurious treatment.

If your bathroom is frequented by the whole family, it's more important than ever to plan carefully. Along with choosing the proper materials, you'll want plenty of storage for towels and supplies.

When designing an outdoor space, it should be looked at in the same way as an interior room. By paying the same attention to detail as you would when decorating your home, you will create a seamless transition between interior and exterior, so that the style feels unified throughout the home.

Whether you are redecorating or moving into an empty new home, and regardless of the mood you want to create and the style you are inspired by, you can achieve an amazing one-of-a-kind look that reflects your personality. Get inspired! Put together color schemes using paints, wallpapers and fabrics from the wide variety of materials and finishes available. Get ideas on how to arrange furniture and how to use decorating accessories for every room of your home.


Table of Contents


    Coffee tables and side tables
    Bookshelves and niches
    Sideboards and cabinets
    Screens and window treatments
    Materials and finishes
    Accessories and artwork
    Dining tables
    Table settings
    Dining chairs


    Cabinetry and shelves
    Breakfast nooks
    Plumbing fixtures
    Materials and finishes


    Beds and headboards
    Benches, chairs, ottomans and desks
    Armoires and closets
    Linen, decorative pillows and blankets


    Cribs and beds
    Desks, chairs and stools
    Storage for clothes and shoes
    Storage for toys and books
    Linen, pillows and rugs
    Wall decoration


    Bathtubs and showers
    Sink consoles and faucets
    Mirrors and medicine cabinets
    Shelves, cabinets, towel bars and hooks


    Lounge furniture
    Dining furniture
    Table settings
    Outdoor decoration


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