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The Stonebuilder's Primer: A Step-By-Step Guide for Owner-Builders
THE STONEBUILDER'S PRIMER, is a highly readable account of a couple's effort ot build 'a house that ..
Edition Notes: Revised and Expanded
Author Statement: Charles Long
Audience: Trade
Binding Description: |PAPERBACK |
Based on 2 reviews.
The perfect keepsake of your visit to the charming town of Windermere or historic Windermere House,..
Author Statement: Richard Tatley
Audience: Trade
Binding Description: |PAPERBACK |
Windermere House: The Tradition Continues
This is the story of Windermere House, its famous past, its terrible destruction, and its miraculou..
Author Statement: Susan Pryke
Audience: Trade
Binding Description: |TRADE CLOTH WITH JACKET |
Workshops You Can Build
A well-illustrated guide to building effective work areas (studio, office, etc.) either as freestand..
Author Statement: David and Jeanie Stiles
Audience: Trade
Binding Description: |HARDCOVER |PAPERBACK |
Based on 5 reviews.