McCulloch's Wonder: The Story of the Kettle Valley Railway
McCulloch's Wonder: The Story of the Kettle Valley Railway

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Publisher: Whitecap Books

Edition Notes: Revised 25th Anniversary Edition
Author Statement: by Barrie Sanford
Audience: Trade
Specs: black and white photographs and maps
Pages: 352
Trim Size: 6" x 9"
Language code 1: eng
Publication Date: 20021001
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McCulloch's Wonder: The Story of the Kettle Valley Railway

The new edition of McCulloch's Wonder provides train buffs with a long-awaited update to a classic railway history. New visuals capture the dramatic landscape that had to be conquered to complete the railway. Updated sources provide more information about the individuals, from Andrew McCulloch himself to the laborers who made the railway a reality. Governments rose and fell over the project, which linked the Kootenay Mountains with the Pacific Coast, and the railway dominated headlines for a quarter of a century. Although it is no more, the Kettle Valley Railway is just as newsworthy today and lives on in this fascinating story of the world's most difficult and expensive railway.


Barry Sanford has written widely on railway and technical subjects. His book The Pictorial History of Railroading in British Columbia was one of ten finalists selected for the prestigious Eaton's Book Award in 1981. He has also written for Trains and other national or international magazines.

Barry holds a Civil Engineering degree from the University of British Columbia and a Master of Business Administration degree from Simon Fraser University. His career path has been in passenger transportation where he has been involved with the management of urban and rural bus systems and transportation for the handicapped.

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