Canada's Toddler Care Book: A Complete Guide from 1 Year to 5 Years Old
Canada's Toddler Care Book: A Complete Guide from 1 Year to 5 Years Old

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Publisher: Robert Rose

Author Statement: by Jeremy Friedman, MB.ChB, FRCP(C), FAAP
Audience: Trade
Specs: Full color, hundreds of photographs and illustrations, index
Pages: 448
Trim Size: 7 3/4" x 10 1/2" X 3/4"
Language code 1: eng
Publication Date: 20090416
Copyright Year: 2009
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Canada's Toddler Care Book: A Complete Guide from 1 Year to 5 Years Old

Everything parents need to know about the all-important toddler years

Nothing can quite prepare parents for the toddler years, when, seemingly overnight, their reliant baby turns into an incredibly mobile, opinionated individual. This wonderful resource, written by leading pediatric experts, provides age-appropriate strategies to help parents deal with toddler issues.

This incredibly comprehensive guide features a wealth of reliable information, presented in a friendly, easy-to-understand style that parents will appreciate. It is in full-color, with hundreds of full-color photos. Each chapter ends with a Frequently Asked Questions section and covers topics ranging from healthy sleep habits to food and nutrition, physical and emotional developmental milestones, behavior patterns and issues, and safety recommendations for home, car, school bus, playgrounds and more. In addition, there is a chapter dedicated to first aid, as well as one devoted to caring for your sick child, with advice on treating conditions ranging from fever and colds to impetigo and lice to urinary tract infections, flat feet and cerebral palsy.

Without question, Canada's Toddler Care Book is the most complete book on toddler care in the marketplace today.


Dr. Jeremy Friedman, MB.ChB, FRCP(C), FAAP, is the Chief of Pediatric Medicine at the Hospital for Sick Children and an Associate Professor of Pediatrics at the University of Toronto. He has authored a number of books for parents and a pediatric textbook, and sits on the editorial boards of several pediatric journals in the United States and Canada.



The stores are full of books devoted to parenting and children's health, and the Internet has a vast variety of resources devoted to toddlers -- so why did we go to the effort of writing this new book on toddler care?

I attended medical school for 6 years and, after a year of internship, spent a further 4 years as a resident specializing in pediatrics. These were long days and nights filled with learning. I then had the opportunity to work as a general pediatrician at the world-famous Hospital for Sick Children for about five years before my first child was born. Sam is now 9, and his sister, Danielle, is 7. You'll read a little about Sam in the diary that my wife kept of his toddler years, reproduced in installments at the end of most chapters in this book. What you'll quickly realize is that fully qualified pediatricians who are also first-time parents are not quite sure what to make of the trials and tribulations of raising a toddler. My wife -- who also works with young children as an occupational therapist -- and I were often perplexed, sometimes frustrated, and frequently dismayed as a result of the wide variety of issues that seemed to crop up around every corner during the toddler years. At the same time, it was an incredibly exciting, wonderful stage in our lives. All in all, it was fun.

With this experience fresh in my mind, and after recovering from the stress of sleepless nights and challenging days, I felt that the time was right to put together a guide for parents of toddlers between their first and fifth birthdays that would answer many of the questions we had, as well as those I am frequently asked in my practice as a pediatrician.

If I was going to go to the effort of writing a book, I was determined to make it the most comprehensive source of information available. No one wants to have to buy a bunch of different books for each different stage or issue. So it would need to cover growth and development, behavior, nutrition, sleep, safety, medical issues, and everything in between. And it needed to be easy to read, readily applied, and, above all, practical. What parent of a toddler has more than a few minutes here and there to look for guidance on the particular issue at hand? There are lots of books that go into lengthy theoretical and philosophical detail but don't give any practical advice or simple strategies to use. So this book focuses on succinct and very practical answers to your questions.

Written by faculty members at one of the most highly respected children's hospitals in the world, this book is based on the best scientific knowledge available. The Hospital for Sick Children is an iconic institution in Canada, with an international reputation, built over more than a century, for the very best in caring for children, educating the next generation of pediatricians, and conducting cutting-edge research. To help write this book, I enlisted the best help I could find at Sick Kids: health-care professionals who are not only highly respected for their practices but also parents of young children. The result is eight contributors who between them have 18 children under the age of 9, with two more on the way. Many of these children are featured in the beautiful pictures illustrating this book. Who better to understand what parents need to know than a group of pediatricians and a nurse practitioner experiencing what they are writing about in real time? As a result, this book is an authoritative source any parent can trust, just as you would entrust us with the care of your children in our offices, clinics, and hospitals.

This toddler care book is a companion to the baby care book I co-authored with Dr. Norman Saunders. That book quickly became a bestseller after its release in 2007. I was so encouraged by the tremendously positive feedback from our readers that it made sense to continue with the same accessible and attractive, full-color, illustrated format this time around.

Tragically, since the publication of our last book, my co-author, great friend, and mentor, Norm Saunders, passed away after a long and brave fight against cancer. His influence has been with me through the process of putting this book together, and I hope that I have done justice to our partnership.

I hope that you find this book helpful. I wish you and your toddler much health and happiness in the years ahead. These are wonderful years -- so make sure you enjoy them!

-- Jeremy Friedman


Table of Contents


Part 1
Your Young Toddler (Age 12 to 24 Months)
Growing by leaps and bounds
Doctor, doctor
Challenging behaviors
Pacifying habits
Grooming your toddler
Teething time
Equipping your toddler
Choosing a good caregiver
Let's play ball
Sun, cold, and bugs
Twin care
Dad's role
Frequently asked questions

Part 2
Feeding Your Toddler
The "right" diet
Healthy eating habits
Eating skills development
Beverage options
Essential vitamins and minerals
Organic foods
Vegetarian diets
Food allergies and intolerances
Eating issues
Frequently Asked Questions

Part 3
Your Older Toddler (Age 2 to 3 Years)
Thriving during the terrible twos
Visiting the doctor again
Temper, temper
Disciplining your toddler
Teaching your child to share
Talking with your child
Private parts
Television time
Welcoming a new sibling
Traveling with your toddler
Dental care
Right to play
Dad's role
Frequently asked questions

Part 4
Toilet Training Your Toddler
Independence day
Toileting without tears
Children with special needs
Frequently asked questions

Part 5
Your Preschooler (Age 4 and 5 years)
Big enough to go to school
Routine visits to the doctor
Preschooler behavior
Disciplining your preschooler
Helping your child cope with loss
Parenting an adopted toddler
School readiness
Recreation options
Dad's role
Frequently asked questions

Part 6
Helping Your Toddler Sleep
Understanding sleep
How much sleep does my child need?
Secrets to a good night's sleep
Problematic sleep behaviors
Solving sleep problems
Frequently asked questions

Part 7
Protecting Your toddler
Accidents don't just happen
Safety at home
Safety on the road
Water safety
Playground safety
Winter sports safety for colder climates
Frequently asked questions

Part 8
First Aid for Toddlers
Basic life support
Choking, drowning, and poisoning
Cardiopulmonary resuscitation
First aid for major injuries
First aid for minor injuries
Creating a first and kit
Frequently asked questions

Part 9
Caring for Your Sick Toddler
Recognizing illness
Managing a fever
Remedying a cold
Resolving skin problems
Treating eye problems
Dealing with ear, nose, and throat problems
Managing chest and breathing problems
Treating heart conditions
Taking care of stomach conditions
Addressing genitourinary problems
Managing neurological conditions
Recognizing musculoskeletal conditions
Giving medicine to your toddler
Preparing your child for surgery
Caring for a child with a chronic illness
Complementary and alternative medicine
Frequently asked questions

Toddler Care Resources

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