Ceramics: The Indispensable Guide
Ceramics: The Indispensable Guide
Ceramics: The Indispensable Guide Ceramics: The Indispensable Guide Ceramics: The Indispensable Guide Ceramics: The Indispensable Guide

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Publisher: Firefly Books

Author Statement: Duncan Hooson and Anthony Quinn
Audience: Trade
Specs: more than 500 illustrations, directory of tools, firing tables, charts, diagrams, glossary, resources, further reading, index
Pages: 320
Trim Size: 8 1/2" X 11"
Language code 1: eng
Publication Date: 20170905
Copyright Year: 2017
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Ceramics: The Indispensable Guide

A comprehensive and ambitious workshop reference for amateur, student and professional ceramicists.

Illustrated with more than 500 color photographs and illustrations, this comprehensive workshop reference brings together a vast range of skills, techniques and technical data in one volume to provide an essential look-it-up resource. The book is organized into eight parts with 63 topic chapters on creating ceramic work and running a professional workshop.

The book includes:

1. Materials, Tools, and Process -- The raw material clay, varieties available and uses; directory of equipment and tools with skill level ratings; making a "beginner's kit"; setting up a workshop; health and safety; overview of the ceramic process.
2. Forming Techniques -- Forming techniques, from hand-building to wheel-throwing, lathe and whirler turning; computer-aided design; order of work.
3. Prefiring Surface Decoration -- Color and texture, including slip, direct screen printing, burnishing.
4. Firing -- Choosing a kiln; options from electric kilns to experimental processes; kiln diagrams.
5. Glazing -- Protecting ceramic surfaces, glaze recipes and application methods.
6. Post-glaze Surface Decoration -- Screen and digital printing, enamels, lusters, and more.
7. Design -- Finding inspiration and recording it in a technical drawing which others can use.
8. Professional Practice -- Setting up a studio, pricing, photography, promotion, exhibiting, commissions.

Ceramics: The Indispensable Guide is a comprehensive and valuable resource for ceramicists at all levels.


Duncan Hooson is a professional ceramicist who has worked extensively as an artist-in-residence in schools, hospitals and on community projects.

Anthony Quinn is a design consultant working in ceramics, glass, wood and metal. He is the author of The Ceramics Design Course.

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