Origami Paper Animals
Origami Paper Animals
Origami Paper Animals Origami Paper Animals

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Publisher: Firefly Books

Author Statement: Didier Boursin
Audience: Juvenile
Age range lower: 9
Age range upper: 13
Specs: color illustrations throughout
Pages: 64
Trim Size: 7 3/4" x 10 1/4"
Language code 1: eng
Publication Date: 20010901
Copyright Year: 2001
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Origami Paper Animals

A book of origami animals that offers a wide variety of designs, rated according to skill level. The book includes four pages of basic instruction for techniques and symbols used in the books and follows with 28 paper animals illustrated in full color.

Origami is an ancient art, yet modern paper folders can still invent fascinating new folds. Origami Paper Animals is filled with new and outstanding folds that will delight, amuse, and inspire paper folders of all ages. They offer a wide variety of designs that are rated according to skill level. Everyone, from beginners to experienced folders, will find something here to delight the hand and eye.

The book opens with four pages of instructions in basic folding techniques, the symbols used in the book and a discussion of the various papers you work with. Then come the specific folds - Origami Paper Animals offers 28 different designs of wild animals and pets, including fish, owl, elephant, heron, penguin, panther, dog, giraffe, grasshopper, turtle, and monkey. Extremely detailed technical drawings, in color, accompany the reader every step of the way from the very first crease through to the remarkable finished creation.

With their elegant and fascinating folds, these are among the most innovative origami books available. They are suited for folders of all ages and skill levels. Thoroughly tested and carefully designed instructions make it possible for anyone to achieve results on the first try.


Didier Boursin is a world-renowned origami expert and author who lives in Paris. Among his books are Origami Paper Airplanes and Advanced Origami: More than 60 Fascinating and Challenging Projects for the Serious Folder.


From the Instructions

"So, inanimate objects, do you have a soul?"
Poetic Meditations

Alphonse de Lmartine

For this book, I have created 28 animals to which I have given an expression, a movement, sometimes a look, and almost a soul. Every fold is a humorous wink at life. The models are worked out meticulously, down to the smallest detail, while adhering to the spirit of creating a work of art in paper, with the minimum of folds required to achieve a beautiful effect.

Have you ever seen a heron spreading out his wings before flight, a panther lazing in the sun, a mouse sniffing a good piece of cheese? It is up to you to continue these stories by imagining what follows. Paper is a material as noble as wood and stone. This book is the expression of a modern designer who sculpts paper in an ephemeral way as others capture the moment by a photograph or a poem.

Folding paper is also a thought game, a logical development where someone's nimble fingers fold a simple sheet of paper to result in an absolutely personal portrayal of an animal, with the hope that it is sufficiently expressive to be recognized by others.

I wanted to dress my animals in fur or feathers by using beautiful papers in dazzling colors without ever wanting to reproduce reality. I hope that these poetic folds will make people think about our environment and our planet where certain species are disappearing one by one. I hope you will derive as much pleasure as I do in producing these magnificent animals, some of which are truly small masterpieces.



  • Levels of Difficulty
  • Symbols
  • Bases
  • Diagrams
  • Principal Folds
  • Details of the Bases
  • Papers
  • Sizes
  • Folding and Cutting


  • Fish *
  • Owl *
  • Elephant *
  • Heron ***
  • Penguin **
  • Dove **
  • Bird ***
  • Hen... ***
  • ... and the Chick *
  • Panther **
  • Eagle ***
  • Whale *
  • Cat ***
  • Horse **
  • Dog **
  • Crab ***
  • Giraffe **
  • Rabbit **
  • Dragonfly **
  • Frog ***
  • Sheep **
  • Parrot **
  • Seal *
  • Grasshopper **
  • Mouse **
  • Bull ***
  • Turtle *
  • Monkey ***

LEGEND: * Beginner; ** Intermediate; *** Advanced

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