100 Best Grilling Recipes: BBQ Food from Around the World
100 Best Grilling Recipes: BBQ Food from Around the World
100 Best Grilling Recipes: BBQ Food from Around the World 100 Best Grilling Recipes: BBQ Food from Around the World 100 Best Grilling Recipes: BBQ Food from Around the World 100 Best Grilling Recipes: BBQ Food from Around the World 100 Best Grilling Recipes: BBQ Food from Around the World

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Publisher: Robert Rose

Author Statement: Kathleen Sloan-McIntosh
Audience: Trade
Specs: 100 grilling recipes plus 35 accompaniment recipes, 16 full color photographs, index
Pages: 192
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Publication Date: 20070302
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100 Best Grilling Recipes: BBQ Food from Around the World

A round-the-world tour of the 100 best grilling recipes, with examples from every continent, and including 35 additional recipes for accompaniments.

A world of great food prepared on the grill.

Grilling has a special place in cooking traditions worldwide. Whether a Punjabi tikka or a Texas barbecue, grilled dishes provide a unique taste.

With recipes drawn from every continent, 100 Best Grilling Recipes offers a round-the world tour of different countries and cultures with such inspired recipes as:

  • Argentinian short ribs of beef with chimichurri sauce
  • Vietnamese grilled breast of duck
  • Moroccan barbecued chicken
  • Lemon myrtle shrimp from Oz
  • Texas barbecued brisket
  • Canadian back bacon with maple mustard mop
  • Garlic and ginger butter.

Also featured are 35 additional recipes for delicious accompaniments, among them Lebanese cucumber and mint salad, and double bourbon barbecue sauce. With a kitchen or backyard grill, 100 Best Grilling Recipes provides a sampling of the world's most delectable grilled dishes along with a tempting array of international accompaniments.


Kathleen Sloan-Mcintosh is a cookbook writer and recipe developer. She lives in Bayfield, Ontario, where she and her husband run the Black Dog Village Pub and Bistro.



Think Globally... Grill Locally!

This is not a how-to book on grilling -- it's a what-to! I'm willing to bet that if you've picked up this up book, you know something about grilling. After all, it's almost a seasonal national pastime. But I'm also willing to wager that you want to know more about what to grill. And I do mean grilling -- not barbecuing. Real "barbecue" is another delicious creature altogether, as anyone from Texas, Kansas, Tennessee or South Carolina will be happy to point out. Simply stated, barbecuing describes the grilling of large, dense and economical joints of meat (beef or pork), that are cooked and smoked close to a slower heat for long periods of time to help them emerge crusty and moist. Anyone who has ever enjoyed traditional pulled pork in South Carolina or slow-smoked ribs in Tennessee will know precisely what real barbecue is. While these are barbecued foods without peer, there is another world of grilling that involves less time and fuss, whose ingredients and style provide huge flavor and satisfaction, relying on a deck of international ingredients and cooking styles to give them their distinctive profiles.

So, this book is designed to introduce you to that world of great -- and generally fast -- grilling and fabulous eating, to rekindle your interest in cooking outside the kitchen door and to put an end forever to grill ennui.

From Korea's bulgogi to Australia's bush tucker cuisine, from South Africa's skewered sosaties to Southern Carolina's famous pulled pork sandwiches and Tuscany's juniper-scented spit-roasted chicken, it seems that every country and culture uses the grill or barbecue in one form or another to create traditional dishes that are unique to them alone.

The origins of barbecue are buried far back in time, with almost every culture staking claim to the art of cooking with flame, smoke, wood and glowing coals. Some maintain the word "barbecue" derives from the French barbe á queue -- "from beard to tail" -- an apparent reference to the slow spit-roasting of a whole pig or cow over fire.

In Haiti and Guyana, Spanish conquistadors observed the Arawak Indians assembling their invention of a three-legged frame -- dubbed a barbacoa -- over great pits dug into the ground. Over these they would smoke fish and sear pork.

And so began the great barbecue begetting. From the Arawak, Caribbean and South American Indians to the Spanish. From the Spanish to the Greeks. From the Greeks to the Etruscans. From the Etruscans to the Romans. From the Romans to the English and on to the French, Chinese, Japanese, Moroccans, Brazilians, Portuguese, Burmese, Sri Lankans, Thai, East Indians, Vietnamese and, eventually, the North Americans.

Since as far back as 25 millennia, when open-flame pits were used to uphold massive carcasses, to today's sleek urban foolproof grills, capable of holding everything from cornish hens to seared scallops and portobello mushrooms, there has always been a primal and sensual appeal to the cooking of food outdoors.

From the Canadian foothills of Alberta and America's deep South, to the French region of Provence and Bangkok's street vendors, there is a whole world's worth of grilling to celebrate.

This is precisely the inspiration for The Global Grill and exactly what this book is all about: a celebration of international recipes, far beyond everyday fare, with contemporary appeal and flare, each of which enjoys a sizzling common denominator -- the grill.

Whether you choose to use the rudimentary Japanese firebox called a hibachi, a modern gas grill, a covered kettle-style charcoal grill or an old iron rack set over bricks, these recipes, inspired by a barbecue and grill-loving world, will inject new life into everybody's favorite way to cook.

Kathleen Sloan-Mcintosh


Getting Ready for the Global Grill
Grilling with International Flavors

Marinades, Rubs, Pastes, Moppin' Sauces, Glazes and Butters

  • Marinades (7 recipes)
  • Rubs (6 recipes)
  • Pastes (5 recipes)
  • Moppin' Sauces and Glazes (6 recipes)
  • Butters (11 recipes)

Cool Soups and Starters

  • Soups (6 recipes)
  • Starters (15 recipes)

The Main Event

  • Beef (10 recipes)
  • Pork (8 recipes)
  • Lamb (6 recipes)
  • Poultry (11 recipes)
  • Fish and Seafood (12 recipes)

Sizzling Sides and Salads

  • Sides (12 recipes)
  • Salads (12 recipes)

Sweets Hereafter

  • Desserts (6 recipes)
  • Drinks (4 recipes)


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