500 Best Cookies, Bars and Squares
500 Best Cookies, Bars and Squares
500 Best Cookies, Bars and Squares 500 Best Cookies, Bars and Squares 500 Best Cookies, Bars and Squares 500 Best Cookies, Bars and Squares 500 Best Cookies, Bars and Squares 500 Best Cookies, Bars and Squares 500 Best Cookies, Bars and Squares 500 Best Cookies, Bars and Squares 500 Best Cookies, Bars and Squares

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Author Statement: Esther Brody
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Publication Date: 20040807
Copyright Year: 2004
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500 Best Cookies, Bars and Squares

500 recipes for cookies, bars, squares, brownies by a favorite baking author. Each recipes is tested the book includes backing tips and techniques.

The ultimate family dessert collection.

For sweet satisfaction and delight, there is nothing like homemade cookies, brownies, bars or squares. Fun to eat and easy to prepare, they make the perfect portable snack and dessert.

500 Best Cookies, Bars and Squares includes a wide variety of recipes and flavors -- ranging from chocolate-based brownies and fruit bars and squares to an extraordinary range of cookies. The cookie recipes include the classic as well as variations on traditional favorites:

  • Classic Chocolate Chip Cookies
  • Lemon Shortbread
  • Farm-Style Oatmeal Cookies, Greek Almond Cookies and Crunchy Peanut Butter Cookies
  • Christmas Fruit Cookies, Cherry Valentine Cookies and Hanukah Sugar Cookies
  • Caramel Double Nut Squares and Favorite Glazed Lemon Raspberry Bars
  • Rhubarb Crisp Squares
  • Old-Fashioned Butter Tart Bars and Classic Chocolate Nut Brownies.

Each recipe is easy and delicious. The author also includes her time-tested personal baking tips and techniques.


Esther Brody has developed thousands of recipes, and is the bestselling author of 250 Brownies, Bars and Squares, The 250 Best Cookie Recipes, The 250 Best Muffin Recipes and Another 250 Best Muffin Recipes.



Who doesn't remember the wonderful, warm aroma coming from the kitchen as Mom was baking cookies? I wanted to gobble them up as soon as they came our of the oven, but Mom always made us wait until they were cool enough to eat or she said we would get a stomachache.

The smells and flavors of spices such as cinnamon, nutmeg and ginger, as well as other wonderful ingredients, bring back memories of special times and holidays. Think of nuts not just old standbys such as walnuts, but other varieties such as pecans, almonds, hazelnuts, cashews and macadamia nuts. Think of rich chocolate and fresh, dried and candied fruits. Put these together with some good-for-you, hearty, nutritious ingredients such as rolled oats, wheat germ, granola and whole wheat flour, and you have delicious, wholesome treats.

Everyone young and old -- loves baked goodies. There is no greater way of saying "Thanks," "Happy Holidays" or "Welcome to the Neighborhood!" Students at school away from home anxiously await parcels of homemade goodies. They are also perfect for fundraisers, bazaars, wedding or baby showers, and on and on.

Best of all, cookies, brownies, bars and squares are so easy to make. They are usually made from simple ingredients and are very versatile. They're great for coffee breaks, snacks or desserts, and most recipes are easy enough for even a novice cook to attempt as long as you follow the instructions. There is no limit to the way in which recipes can be varied according to your taste.

Even multi-layered bars or squares (my personal favorites), are much simpler to prepare than you might think. You just begin with a crumbly mixture for the base. Pour this mixture into your prepared baking pan, spread evenly all over the bottom of the pan, press down to form a solid crust and bake if required. Add the filling and spread evenly over top of the crust, then add whatever topping is required in your recipe. Then it's just a matter of following the instructions for baking, cooling and cutting.

Most baked goods can be stored at room temperature for several days, or even weeks, if they don't disappear first. Everyone I know has a cookie jar sitting on the counter within easy reach. I find that using a cookie tin, with an airtight lid, helps cookies and brownies keep that freshly baked flavor. Most baked goods will freeze well, but they should be cooled completely before being placed in tins or containers. I always place a sheet of waxed paper between each layer.

Baking can be fun. I remember years ago hearing about "cookie swaps," and later participated in a few. They have become popular events, especially near a holiday. Here's how they work. You bake a dozen cookies or brownies for each guest coming to the swap. If there will be 10 guests participating, you bake 10 dozen of, say, your peanut butter cookies. You'll come home with 10 dozen different goodies, one dozen of each kind brought by the other guests. It is a wise idea to bake your cookies a few days ahead so you won't be overwhelmed the day of the swap. Decide in advance what type of goodie you'll be bringing and let the hostess know so that there won't be duplication. The wrapping is part of the fun: place each dozen cookies into a decorated bag or some other unique wrapping such as a basket or decorative tin. A swap is a perfect excuse to have a party, but it's also a way to get together with old and new friends to share your favorite goodies and recipes. So have lots of recipe cards and pens ready.

Another way to enjoy your favorite cookies is to make them into a crust for pies, or any other desserts that call for a dough crust. You could use chocolate cookies, vanilla wafers, graham wafers or gingersnap cookies, just to name a few. Crush about 1 1/2 cups (375 mL) of cookies into fine crumbs. Stir in about 1/4 cup (50 mL) melted butter or margarine, and press into your pie plate. This type of crust can be chilled without baking, or baked at 3500°F (1800°C) for 10 minutes and then cooled.

In this book, you'll find many familiar recipes, as well as new recipes that are sure to create wonderful memories for your family and friends. Whether you're a novice or a long-time baker, once you start experimenting with these recipes and see the fantastic results, you will be inspired to make baking a part of your everyday life.

Happy baking!

- Esther Brody


Making Perfect Cookies, Brownies, Bars and Squares
Ingredients Methods
Baking Problems (and How To Solve Them)

Drop Cookies
Hand-Shaped Cookies
Cut Cookies
Sliced Cookies
Sandwich Cookies
Chocolate Bars and Squares
Coconut Bars and Squares
Fruit Bars and Squares
Nut and Peanut Butters and Squares
No-Bake Cookies, Bars and Squares
Specialty Cookies, Bars and Squares
Holiday Treats
Esther's Favorites
Frostings, Glazes and Toppings


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