Anatomica: The Complete Home Medical Reference
Anatomica: The Complete Home Medical Reference
Anatomica: The Complete Home Medical Reference Anatomica: The Complete Home Medical Reference Anatomica: The Complete Home Medical Reference

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Publisher: Firefly Books

Author Statement: Ken Ashwell, BMedSc, MBBS, PhD, Chief Consultant
Audience: Trade
Specs: full-color illustrations throughout, appendixes, index
Pages: 848
Trim Size: 9 1/4" X 12" X 1 1/8"
Language code 1: eng
Publication Date: 20100916
Copyright Year: 2010
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Anatomica: The Complete Home Medical Reference

A comprehensive encyclopedia and authoritative medical reference for the home.

Anatomica is an essential reference to the human body, the most complex biological mechanism in the world. More than 1,400 intricate color drawings, fully labeled and captioned, bring to life the human body for professionals and general readers. With its encyclopedic medical information, this book also provides outstanding access to practical advice about everyday medical concerns.

The book investigates the workings of the body in detail, reviewing the entire human body area by area, including:

  • Cells and body systems
  • The head
  • The neck
  • The trunk
  • The chest cavity
  • The abdominal cavity
  • Urinary and reproductive organs
  • Shoulder, arms and hards
  • Hips, legs and feet
  • The skin

The book also has specific chapters that cover:

  • Infectious diseases
  • Heredity, DNA and genetic diseases
  • The human life cycle
  • Staying healthy
  • Emotional and behavioral disorders
  • Diagnostic techniques

An illustrated timeline of developmental milestones follows aging and recommends preventive health measures. The book also includes an easy-to-use first aid guide and an extensive table of common symptoms. In addition, Anatomica addresses such topics as alcoholism, sexuality, stress and personality disorders, as well as the latest developments in alternative therapies.

Written by an international team of medical experts, illustrators and researchers, Anatomica is an essential reference for the home and libraries.


Ken Ashwell, BMedSc, MBBS, PhD graduated in medicine from the University of New South Wales in 1983. After a short time in clinical medicine he returned to research and teaching, undertaking a PhD studying process in abnormal brain development and graduating from the University of Sydney in 1988. He has been teaching anatomy to medical, health and exercise, and science students since 1984, and maintains an active involvement in research on brain development (both normal and abnormal) and brain evolution. He has authored more than 110 scientific papers, five books and eight book chapters, and is Professor in Anatomy at the University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia.

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