Rainbow Food: 50 Recipes Color-Coded and Vitaminized
Rainbow Food: 50 Recipes Color-Coded and Vitaminized
Rainbow Food: 50 Recipes Color-Coded and Vitaminized Rainbow Food: 50 Recipes Color-Coded and Vitaminized Rainbow Food: 50 Recipes Color-Coded and Vitaminized

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Publisher: Firefly Books

Author Statement: Linda Louis
Audience: Trade
Specs: full color throughout, index
Pages: 144
Trim Size: 7" X 9 1/2" X 3/8"
Language code 1: eng
Publication Date: 20190927
Copyright Year: 2019
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Rainbow Food: 50 Recipes Color-Coded and Vitaminized

Easy dishes for all occasions for colorful health.

It's been known for some time that colorful foods and spices help to boost nutrition and promote good health, but how do we do this without crunching our way through yet another boring salad of peppers and carrots? Rainbow Food has the answer: 50 easy and delicious recipes for all tastes using standard grocery foods. The only change to make will be fewer potatoes in the grocery bag and more vibrant fresh fruits and vegetables.

The book opens with a brief description of the three most powerful nutrients in colorful foods--chlorophyll, carotenoids, polyphenols--and what their roles are in good health. This is followed by instructions on how to create natural food coloring for food, featuring the 50 recipes, many of them using vegetables and fruits past their prime yet nevertheless edible and nutritious.

In this colorful and healthy book you will find recipes for:

  • Appetizers: e.g., Aperitif mix with dried fruits; Pickled roasted peppers; Marbled eggs; Lacto-fermented vegetables; Carpaccio of root vegetables and gremolata sauce; Colored cabbage tabbouleh; Marinated grilled peppers; Rainbow crudité; Spring rolls
  • Main Dishes and Accompaniments: e.g., Roasted heirloom carrots with balsamic, yogurt and pomegranate sauce; Wonderful oven ratatouille; Winter veggie bowl with lentils; Colorful tagliatelle; Heirloom tomato tart; Rainbow pizza; Gnocchi; Hasselback potatoes, roasted corn and candied tomatoes; Omelette with arugula, zucchini and borage flowers; Harlequin bean salad; Rainbow maki sushi; Vegetable skewers with smoked tofu
  • Desserts: e.g., Summer-winter fruit platters; Chia pudding; Sweet veggie bowl; Panna cotta with fruit; Mini pavlovas; Tutti frutti clafoutis; Mixed fruit cheesecake; Citrus tartlets; Tiramisu rhubarb, peach and raspberry; Fruit leather; Colorful meringue
  • Frozen and Liquid: e.g., Fruit popsicles; Dried fruit ice cream; Fruit Iced rooibos tea with fruit; Mojitos.
  • "Unicorn food" recently hit Instagram, Starbucks and other food providers but little of it gets its color or nutrition from nature; it could be said that the synthetic colorings are downright garish. Rainbow Food, however, uses beautiful, naturally colorful foods that attract the eye and stimulate the appetite. It makes it easy to put a truly nutritious rainbow--not an artificially colored unicorn--on everyone's plate.


    Linda Louis is an author and the creator of the blog cuisine-campagne.com, which focuses on wild foods. Her books have been translated into several languages, and include a reference on organic cooking, another on wild foods and a guide to dehydrating fruits and vegetables. She lives in Berry, France.

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