A Wine Lover's Diary
A Wine Lover's Diary
A Wine Lover's Diary A Wine Lover's Diary

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Publisher: Firefly Books

Edition Notes: Reprint edition
Author Statement: edited by Shelagh Wallace; illustrated by Scott McKowen
Series Name: Diary
Audience: Trade
Specs: 10 black-and-white woodcut illustrations
Pages: 144
Trim Size: 5 1/2" x 7 1/2" x 5/8"
Language code 1: eng
Publication Date: 20050702
Copyright Year: 1999
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A Wine Lover's Diary

A record-keeping book to help wine lovers in buying, storing and drinking wine. Organized into seven section it's templates help record everything serious wine drinker needs to remember. Beautifully detailed illustrations enhance each page.

An attractive and practical journal.

A Wine Lover's Diary is the perfect record-keeping book for long-time oenophiles and newcomers to buying, storing and drinking wine. Beautifully detailed illustrations enhance each page for recording discoveries, preferences and cellar inventories.

This book provides the templates for the notations that a serious wine drinker needs to record. The diary is organized into seven sections:

  • The Wine List for creating a personal wish list of wines to buy or taste
  • The Wine Record for reviewing and remembering wines tasted
  • The Wine Cellar for recording the comings and goings in your wine collection or cellar
  • Wining and Dining for recording wines enjoyed in restaurants and on special occasions -- no more forgetting the name of that fabulous wine at dinner last Saturday
  • Wine-Tasting Clubs for notes on wines tasted at wine club meetings
  • Divine Wines for creating personalized lists of favorite wines by region or vintner
  • Festival of Wine for notes on visits to wine festivals, or winery tours.

All About Wine is a list of favorite and must-read books, useful publications and web sites. Finally, Wine for the Neophyte Oenophile is an ideal introduction to wine with a concise listing of basic tips for buying, drinking and keeping wine, understanding grape varieties and wine vintages, deciphering wine labels, ordering wine in restaurants, and translating the mysterious language of wine critics.


Shelagh Wallace is the author of A Book Lover's Diary and A Shakespeare Lover's Diary.

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