The Smoothies Bible
The Smoothies Bible
The Smoothies Bible The Smoothies Bible The Smoothies Bible

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Publisher: Robert Rose

Edition Notes: Second Edition
Author Statement: by Pat Crocker
Audience: Trade
Specs: 32 full-color photographs, index
Pages: 384
Trim Size: 7" X 10" X 14/16"
Language code 1: eng
Publication Date: 20100204
Copyright Year: 2010
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The Smoothies Bible

A bestselling and essential smoothies guide covering their wide-ranging nutritional and health benefits.

The Smoothies Bible features over 400 recipes along with advice on how to easily get one's daily servings of fruits and vegetables with incredibly healthy, nutrient-dense, mineral-packed, and vitamin-rich smoothie blends.

These easy-to-make and great-tasting drinks are key for helping anyone interested in getting real, whole foods into their body every day of the week. Culinary herbalist and professional home economist Pat Crocker offers recipes for hot, cold and frozen smoothies using fruit, vegetable and herbs with both dairy and non-dairy alternatives. Some of the healthy and delectable concoctions included in this new edition of The Smoothies Bible include Flu Fighter, Watermelon Wave, Blazing Beets Sage Relief and Mega Melon Supreme, among others.

The book also contains information on seven body systems and their importance to good health, along with advice about diet and lifestyle changes to support their peak performance. Readers will benefit greatly from Crocker's description of eight common health concerns along with her recommendations on combating them with natural foods.

The Smoothies Bible has been a trusted resource for nearly two decades. This is one of the few books on the subject to cater to intermediate-to-expert smoothie makers with comprehensive information.


Pat Crocker is a culinary herbalist and professional home economist. She has written, demonstrated and lectured about herbs and health issues for 25 years. An international award-winning cookbook author, Crocker has written fifteen cookbooks and three herb books, including The Juicing Bible.

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