200 Tips for Cake Decorating: Tips,Techniques and Trade Secrets
200 Tips for Cake Decorating: Tips,Techniques and Trade Secrets
200 Tips for Cake Decorating: Tips,Techniques and Trade Secrets 200 Tips for Cake Decorating: Tips,Techniques and Trade Secrets 200 Tips for Cake Decorating: Tips,Techniques and Trade Secrets

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Publisher: Firefly Books

Author Statement: Carol Deacon
Audience: Trade
Specs: full color throughout, glossary, index, sources
Pages: 160
Trim Size: 7 1/2" X 9 1/2" X 11/16"
Language code 1: eng
Publication Date: 20130822
Copyright Year: 2013
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200 Tips for Cake Decorating: Tips,Techniques and Trade Secrets

An indispensable compendium of essential knowledge and troubleshooting tips.

An indispensable compendium of essential knowledge and troubleshooting tips.

Tapping into the hottest (and most persistent) trend in the craft cooking market, this book is crammed with information on the art and craft of using fondant. Today, a tastefully decorated cake is expected for birthday parties, weddings and any important celebration. A simple iced cake without a handmade fondant character or flowers is downright dull, no matter how good it may taste.

200 Tips for Cake Decorating shows why fondant is so popular. Its smooth surface, vivid colors and moldable texture allow bakers to roll it, cut it, model it and color it. With basic skills and minimal equipment, bakers can create entertaining toppers for cakes and cupcakes.

The book includes make:

  • Fondant Basics -- A beginner's kit, improvising tools, fondant recipes; coloring, flavoring and storing fondant, transporting cakes
  • Covering Cakes and Boards -- Sponge cake and fruitcake; slicing, filling and covering with buttercream; rolling out fondant; stacking cakes, covering cake boards, using supports, ribbons
  • Decorative Techniques -- Tools and molds; painting, frills and fancies; models, cutters and crimpers; piping, lacework, dots, broderie anglaise, writing
  • Modeling -- Making figures, personalizing characters, making animals and flowers, recipes.

"Try It" panels encourage bakers to use their own creativity when making decorations and models using simple, innovative techniques. "Fix It" panels show how to solve problems, improvise and avoid disasters.

What makes this book extra special is that almost all of the techniques and designs are achievable without having to buy special equipment. Beginners can start with what they have in their kitchen and add tools as they progress, making this a practical guide for all cake decorators.


Carol Deacon has been an internationally renowned professional cake decorator for 20 years. She has won prestigious awards for her work, appears on television, writes in magazines and is a best-selling author of numerous books.



I started cake decorating by accident--a friend needed a birthday cake and asked me to make one for her. It was an innocent enough request, but it sent me, piping bag in one hand, whisk in the other, down a path of sugary discovery. Much of what I learned was by trial and error since there was nothing like the amount of information and equipment around then that there is now. I kept on baking, and this book is a way of passing on some of that information. I hope that dipping in and out of these pages will take some of the effort and mystique out of the craft of cake decoration, and encourage many more of you to have a try.

Fondant wishes,
Carol Deacon

About this book
Suitable for any level of cake decorator from the professional to the beginner taking their first sticky steps into the world of cake decorating, this book contains over 300 hints, tips, expert secrets and problem-fixing solutions. Split into four chapters, the reader can use the succinct information and photographs to help with any cake decorating project.


Table of Contents

About this Book

Chapter 1: Cake basics

    Essential equipment
    Using additional kit
    Improvising tools
    Cake recipes
    Preparing the perfect cake
    Working on a small scale
    Stacking cakes
    Using ribbons

Chapter 2: Fondant

    Fondant varieties
    Coloring fondant
    Storing and transporting fondant
    Covering cake with fondant
    Covering boards
    Painting and drawing on fondant
    Fondant frills and fancies
    Molds, cutters, and crimpers
    Writing on fondant
    Making fondant figures
    Making fondant animals
    Making simple fondant roses
    Making flowers with cutters
    Applying fresh flowers

Chapter 3: Buttercream

    Making your own buttercream
    Frosting a cake with buttercream
    Creating different buttercream finishes
    Piping with buttercream
    Piping animals and faces
    Frozen buttercream transfers
    Buttercream flowers

Chapter 4: Chocolate

    Working with chocolate
    Decorating with chocolate
    Chocolate cake pos and truffles

How to make and use templates
Topper directory
Glossary and suppliers

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