150 Best Breakfast Sandwich Maker Recipes: Counter Display Pack
150 Best Breakfast Sandwich Maker Recipes: Counter Display Pack

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Publisher: Robert Rose

Author Statement: Jennifer Williams
Audience: Trade
Specs: 6 copy paperback counter display
Pages: 192
Trim Size: 8" X 10" X 10"
Language code 1: eng
Publication Date: 20150731
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150 Best Breakfast Sandwich Maker Recipes: Counter Display Pack

Counter Display Pack with 6 copies of the paperback edition of 150 Best Breakfast Sandwich Maker Recipes: 9780778804840

Easy breakfast sandwiches made at home.

Breakfast is easier than ever using these delicious recipes and a breakfast sandwich maker. A morning meal can be a breeze: quick and delicious, easy to make, and ready in five minutes with minimal cleanup afterwards.

Nutritionists are right that a good breakfast is the very best way to start a day, yet often it is a struggle for time and ideas on what to make. This book provides a really fun, fool-proof and fast way to make a delicious breakfast sandwich -- perfect for students, busy moms, teenagers and anyone on the go who finds it just too time consuming or cumbersome to make breakfast for themselves.

All of these recipes have been designed for the speed of a breakfast sandwich maker along with easy-to-follow directions. All of these recipes can also be prepared using small kitchen appliances such as an all-in-one-griddle, sandwich maker or even good old-fashioned pots and pans.

Here are some individual and crowd pleasers:

    Classic Breakfast Sandwiches

  • Bacon, Avocado and Cheddar Breakfast Melt, Rustic Ham and Cheese Sandwich, Apple Bacon and Cheddar Croissant, Hash Browns and Sausage
  • Vegetarian

  • Chocolate Chip Blueberry Pancakes, Portabella Mushroom Sandwich, Caramelized Onion and Kale Frittata, Margherita Pizza, Florentine Eggs
  • Anytime recipes

  • Prosciutto, Artichokes and Cream Cheese on a Brioche, Chorizo Egg Torta, Southwestern Chicken Sandwich, Anytime Quesadillas, Cranberry Bagel Sausage.


Jennifer Williams writes on home, food and health as a syndicated contributor with the EmjayMedia network, specializing in books designed to help people find inspiration and answers to questions of everyday life.

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