Toronto Maple Leafs: Diary of a Dynasty, 1957--1967
Toronto Maple Leafs: Diary of a Dynasty, 1957--1967
Toronto Maple Leafs: Diary of a Dynasty, 1957--1967 Toronto Maple Leafs: Diary of a Dynasty, 1957--1967

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Publisher: Firefly Books

Edition Notes: ebook
Author Statement: by Kevin Shea with Paul Patskou, Roly Harris and Paul Bruno
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Specs: bibliography
Pages: 480
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Language code 1: eng
Publication Date: 20111223
Copyright Year: 2011
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Toronto Maple Leafs: Diary of a Dynasty, 1957--1967

Toronto Maple Leafs: Diary of a Dynasty, 1957-1967 chronicles those wonderful seasons when the Toronto Maple Leafs skyrocketed from last place in the NHL to become the powerhouse team of the decade. During the 1950s and 60s the Leafs were always a contender and won the Stanley Cup in three consecutive years (1962-1964), along with an improbable Stanley Cup victory over their archrival, the Montreal Canadiens, in 1967 to close out the era of the original six NHL teams.

Of the many books written on the Leafs, this one is unique: Kevin Shea and his writing partners revisit all the important games and moments from each season with astonishing detail based on the broadcasts of Hockey Night in Canada from that decade. There are authentic calls from the broadcast booth, Hot Stove Lounge conversations and detailed descriptions of game-changing goals and late-game heroics that have been obscured by the passage of time -- and the performance of the weaker teams that have followed.

Along with unearthed, never-before released interviews from dynasty players, such as Johnny Bower, Dave Keon and George Armstrong to name only a few, the authors reconstruct Toronto's dynasty years with professional accuracy, authenticity and care.

This big book will be dear to the heart of every Maple Leaf fan -- a nostalgic journey through hockey history and thus into the history of modern Canada itself.


Kevin Shea is a hockey historian and best-selling author. He is the editor of publications for the Hockey Hall of Fame and teaches hockey history at Seneca College in Toronto, Ontario. He is also a member of the Toronto Maple Leafs Historical Committee and the Society for International Hockey Research.

Paul Patskou is a hockey historian, researcher, writer and authority on archival hockey footage. He was the historical consultant for Leafs TV and the associate producer of Leafs Classics.

Roly Harris is a life-long Leafs' fan who closely followed the team's glory years. He has spent the past 36 years working in law, as a criminal lawyer, crown attorney and judge.

Paul Bruno is known as "The Statsman," primarily due to his podcasts and his work in sports statistics. He has worked with Fanball Sports Network and Stats LLC.

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