How I Draw: Scott McKowen Sketchbooks
How I Draw: Scott McKowen Sketchbooks
How I Draw: Scott McKowen Sketchbooks How I Draw: Scott McKowen Sketchbooks How I Draw: Scott McKowen Sketchbooks How I Draw: Scott McKowen Sketchbooks How I Draw: Scott McKowen Sketchbooks

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Publisher: Firefly Books

Author Statement: Scott McKowen
Audience: Trade
Specs: 300 illustrations in color, additional reading, index
Pages: 232
Trim Size: 9" X 8" X 9/16"
Language code 1: eng
Publication Date: 20220930
Copyright Year: 2022
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How I Draw: Scott McKowen Sketchbooks

"Scott McKowen is one of the great illustrators of our time."
-- Milton Glaser

"McKowen's mastery of line and texture, gift for arresting juxtapositions and perspectives, and fluency in drawing the human figure make for complex and breathtaking images that are at once old-fashioned and cutting edge. And he writes as crisply as he draws."
-- Booklist

For many artists, drawing is both vocation and avocation. Drawing for pleasure keeps our skills sharp and allows us to expand our horizons by trying new materials and media - to say nothing of providing countless hours of enjoyment.

Scott McKowen has enjoyed a four-decade career as an award-winning illustrator and designer known across North America. Drawing is his livelihood, but he makes a constant practice of observational drawing from life. He always travels with a sketchbook - he draws everywhere from museums, restaurants, theaters and zoos, to cities, parks and on holiday. How I Draw provides an overview of Scott's draftsmanship in various media, with insights and tips guaranteed to help anyone who shares his love of drawing. Sections in this book include:

  • Some Basics
  • Travel Sketchbooks
  • Cabinet of Curiosities
  • Life Drawing
  • Portraiture
  • Animals, Vegetables and Minerals
  • Lucid Drawing
  • Ephemera.

How I Draw is a delightful and inspiring tour through highlights of McKowen's impressive drawing portfolio.


Scott McKowen is a renowned and prolific artist, chiefly known for his scratchboard illustrations, which have been featured in hundreds of books, magazines, theater posters and comic books. He may be best known for illustrating Neil Gaiman's Marvel Comics series 1602 and for several titles in the Sterling Unabridged Classics children's book series, as well as theater posters that capture the essence of plays by Shakespeare, Chekhov, Molière and other great playwrights. He was selected as one of the jurors for the 53rd Communication Arts Illustration Annual.

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