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Your Next Must-Read Nonfiction Book Has Arrived

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Your Next Must-Read Nonfiction Book Has Arrived


Every reader has, from time to time, found themselves in the situation where you finish a great book and are left wondering: what next? With so many great nonfiction reads out there, we're here to help you find the right book — one that suits you perfectly and that you'll want to recommend to your fellow bookish friends.

Do you love a challenging read about science? Are animals and natural history more your thing? Are you a foodie looking for some kitchen inspiration? Whatever the case, we have a book for you from our spring list. 

Take the quiz below to find the perfect spring read for you.




Galapagos: A Traveler's Introduction
The new book from world-renowned photographer Wayne Lynch is chock full of travel inspiration, showcasing the wonders of one of 
the most unique places on earth. Discover the incredible array of wildlife, the fascinating landscapes, and the strange human history of the Galapagos Islands. The stunning photography will have you yearning for a trip to paradise.

Grow What You Love: 12 Plant Food Families to Change Your Life
Whether you’re an avid gardener, a foodie, or just someone who loves a feel-good read, Grow What You Love is the spring book for you. Discover tasty recipes, simple how-to methods for growing fresh food at home, and plenty of inspiration for cultivating a healthy and happy life.

Rising Seas: Flooding, Climate Change & Our New World
David Suzuki called Rising Seas an important book for young readers, but this is a great read for anyone interested in the effects of climate change. This beautifully illustrated book combines facts about climate science with graphic images of what the world might look like with some of our most famous cities and landmarks underwater. Haunting stuff.

What Would Marx Do? and What Would Keynes Do?
The newest titles in our humorous self-help series are perfect for both the intellectually curious and the existentially confused. Enjoy a crash course in social philosophy and economics while also gleaning answers to life’s important questions, such as “should I ever commit a crime?” or “is it wrong to want a bigger house?”

Particle Physics Brick by Brick: Atomic and Subatomic Physics Explained... in Lego
Whether you’re fascinated by the building blocks of the universe or you’re just a master builder seeking your next Lego challenge, Particle Physics Brick by Brick is sure to engage your brain. The question is: do you have enough Lego to get started? 


Get the books:

 Galapagos: A Traveler's Introduction

 Grow What You Love

 Rising Seas: Flooding, Climate Change & Our New World

 What Would Marx Do?

 What Would Keynes Do?

 Particle Physics Brick by Brick

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