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World Letter Writing Day

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On World Letter Writing Day, which conveniently falls around the first day of school, we are featuring Lunch Box Letters: Writing Notes of Love and Encouragement to Your Children which was created by two parents, Bill Zimmerman and Carol Sperandeo, who wrote notes to their children regularly and were greatly encouraged by the results. Lunch Box Letters is an excellent method of connecting with your child. They will be affected by knowing someone took the time to write a few words for them to read during their day. For some parents, writing letters can be daunting but, luckily, this book has prompts for writing notes, as well as 100 tear out sheets to get you started.




A few words about letter writing from Bill Zimmerman & Carol Sperandeo:


“This book will encourage you to connect with your children in a very meaningful way by writing notes and letters to them. It’s something we’ve both done separately over the years with our own kids.

In writing these letters, you’ll bestow upon your child one of the most precious gifts that can be given – the recognition that she or he is loved and valued enough that you took the time to write a note of affection and encouragement.

You can place the letters in your children’s lunch boxes or knapsacks before they leave for school, to be opened later in the day. Such expressions of love are as necessary for the spirit as lunch is for the body – kids can never receive enough encouragement from the people they love…

In today’s fast-paced world, lunch box letters are like a lifeline to help you stay connected with your children as you compete against friends, screentime and busy schedules for their attention. They’re also an excellent way to teach your children your family’s values. In fact, in today’s reality of cyber bullying and all the insecurity and angst that comes with social media, you might say these letters are more important now than ever before.

Sure, you can send a text to your children any time, but taking a few extra moments to actually put pen to paper versus sending a text (that’s easily deleted, easily forgotten) will create a more lasting, meaningful connection and, in time, also show them the value of writing…

The letters won’t, of course, provide the complete answer to raising a child, but they can become one of the tools you use to help your child become a secure, caring human being. Lunch box letters helped us stay closer to, and communicate with, our own children. It’s our hope they’ll do the same for you.” - Quote taken from the book, Lunch Box Letters.



It’s never to late to get started!


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