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Winter may nearly be over, but there's still time for one last winter camping trip!

Never tried winter camping? Everything you need to know can be found in Kevin Callan's latest book Complete Guide to Winter Camping.

Already a seasoned pro? Callan also has plenty of insights into buying — or borrowing — the best camping gear, keeping safe on the ice, and even choosing your camping buddies wisely.

Check out the infographic below for some of Callan's must-have items for any winter camping trip. 

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Canada is the world’s second largest country and is a natural wonderland, home to epic mountain ranges, stunning lakes and rivers, rugged coastline, and plenty of great hiking routes.

For Take a Hike Day, we’ve made a list of five of our favourite hiking spots in Canada, each of which features in one of our travel books.


1. The Rocky Mountains, Alberta and British Columbia

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