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Sharks are some of the most fascinating and feared creatures in the world.

In honour of Shark Week's 30th anniversary, we've done a deep dive into two of our best books on sharks — one for adults and one for kids — to find tricky trivia that will test your knowledge of these jawsome animals.

Do you think you're a shark expert or should you be worried about becoming shark bait?

Take the quiz to find out.

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It's Shark Week and we're diving to the depths of the blue planet to take a closer look at one of nature's most fascinating and fearsome predators.

Did you know there are over 500 species of sharks living today or that this unique fish evolved around 420 million years ago?

Did you know that sharks are the apex predator in every ocean ecosystem worldwide or that over half of all shark species live in the deep ocean, below 660 feet (200 m)? 

You likely know that whale sharks are the largest known fish on earth, but did you also know that many species of sharks are endangered? This is largely due to human activity, as nearly 100 million sharks are killed annually for human consumption. 

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