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It isn’t always easy to be courageous. Life throws so many things at us on any given day, that it can feel like a brave act just to leave the house.

Feeling courageous can be difficult, but finding ways to develop our courage doesn't have to be. Often, we just need a bit of inspiration.

One inspirational person to look up to is Nelson Mandela, one of the most courageous people in recent history. Nelson Mandela was actively involved in South Africa’s anti-apartheid movement for 20 years, and after being incarcerated as a political prisoner for 27 years, he went on to become his country’s first black president as well as a lifelong human rights activist.

Today the world celebrates Nelson Mandela International Day, an annual event meant to encourage people around the world to give back the way that Mandela did during his lifetime.

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Today would have been the 135th birthday of the great economist John Maynard Keynes, who was born in Cambridge, UK in 1883.

Keynes led a revolution in economic thinking during the Great Depression, and his theories continue to influence politicians, academics, and economists to this day. But did you know his theories are also helpful in solving everyday problems?

What Would Keynes Dois the newest title in our series of humorous self-help books in which the great thinkers of philosophy, politics, psychology, and economics tackle the commonplace issues we all face.

From questioning whether it’s ok to be selfish to deciding how much money to put into retirement savings, the world’s greatest economists are here to help.

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