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Music is one of those universal things that bring people together. It is an art form of and for the masses, and a song can be a time capsule of both personal and collective memory.

The musical instrument that most readily carries memory and feeling across generations — and without a doubt the rock star of instruments — is the guitar. From the blues and rockabilly riffs of Chuck Berry and Buddy Holly to the explosive sounds of heavy metal and grunge, guitars have defined music for over a century.

It’s easy to see why people take the guitar very seriously. (There’s even an annual Air Guitar World Championship. Read about it in our book Bizarre Competitions.)

A talented guitarist can bring their band world renown, and some of the greatest guitarists are also great collectors of guitars, including Keith Richards and Neil Young.

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It's an exciting day for music fans, as the 60th Annual Grammy Awards are tonight.

The first Grammys were presented in May 1959 to honour the greatest musical achievements from the previous year, and since then over 7,500 trophies have been awarded.

The show isn't without its critics, but it can't be denied that some great musicians have been recognized over the years, including many of the artists profiled in Rock Chronicles, 2nd Ed.: Every Legend, Every Line-Up, Every Look. 

Find out which Grammy-winning rock star is most like you by taking our quiz: Which Grammy-winning rock band are you?

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