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Today is a landmark day for anyone who loves outer space. Not only is it International Space Day, it’s also Star Wars Day. May the Fourth be with you!

There are few places more interesting than outer space, and there’s a reason the cosmos has fascinated people for centuries. The universe is always expanding and evolving, plus it’s filled with amazing planets, stars, galaxies, nebulae, and more.

As anyone with an interest in astronomy will tell you, the night sky is a feast for both the eyes and the intellect, and with this in mind, we’ve made a quiz featuring some of the most stunning images from our astronomy books to challenge your interstellar knowledge.

Whether you’re new to stargazing or an experienced astronomer, you’re sure to appreciate the wonders of space captured in these photos.

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Firefly Books is a proud Canadian publisher, and we've been bringing readers high-quality nonfiction books since 1977. Though we wouldn't consider ourselves experts on many things (aside from astronomy, gardening, sports, and a few other subjects...), we do have a certain amount of knowledge about our country and the places that make it great.

From the rugged west coast to the Rocky Mountains to the over 250,000 lakes in Ontario, we've pulled together the best of the best in British Columbia, Alberta, and Ontario in four new Canadian travel books — released just in time for you to plan an epic summer holiday.

But where should you visit first?

We've looked after that too! Take our quiz to get a recommendation for the perfect travel hot spot so you can plan an amazing #CanadianStaycation.

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“Pure mathematics is, in its way, the poetry of logical ideas.”
— Albert Einstein

Today is the birthday of everyone’s favourite wild-haired genius Albert Einstein as well as Pi Day — the annual celebration of the mathematical constant π, the first three digits of which are 3, 1, and 4.

To celebrate these two occasions, we’re not only planning to eat some pie (check out the delicious recipe for Killer Pecan Pie in Clueless in the Kitchen for inspiration) but also on brushing up on our math knowledge with great books on the subject.

Whether you’re a hardcore math enthusiast or you’re just interested in how mathematical theories apply to everyday life, we have a book for you. Check out our reading recommendations, and then take our quiz to see how much you know about the history of math.

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