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from 101 Things for Kids To Do Outside by Dawn Isaac

Butterflies are a lot like children. They are both more than happy just eating sugar. However, unlike children, butterflies can do this without running around like maniacs afterwards and feeling slightly ill.

So, why not use some sugar to set up a butterfly feeder in your backyard and watch to see which butterflies visit?

Make a Butterfly Feeder

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The first long weekend of the year is almost upon us, and that means an extra day to get out and enjoy the company of our families (it is Family Day Weekend in Canada, after all).

But living in the Great White North, we know that the weather can be unpredictable this time of year and can play a huge part in determining the types of activities you can do outside.

Fortunately we have Dawn Isaac, author of the 101 Things for Kids To Do series, on our side with plenty of creative activities for kids to try indoors and outside.

Whether it’s wintry or warm, blustery or balmy, we have a fun activity for your family to try this Family Day.

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