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Outer space: it’s “the final frontier.” It’s “vastly, hugely, mind bogglingly big”, and apparently, it is so boundless that “it squashes a man’s ego.”

Outer space and all the planets, stars, galaxies, and other forms of matter and energy contained within our universe have all been extensively studied since each of these famous quotes was first uttered. Scientists now know quite a lot about outer space, with new discoveries being made regularly.

But how can cosmically curious common folk keep up with all this knowledge? With our new astronomy book, of course.

The Universe Explained: A Cosmic Q&A brings together the most popular — and perplexing — questions people ask about the universe, with answers provided by expert astronomers Heather Couper, former President of the British Astronomical Association, and Nigel Henbest, a Fellow of the Royal Astronomical Society.

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Today is a landmark day for anyone who loves outer space. Not only is it International Space Day, it’s also Star Wars Day. May the Fourth be with you!

There are few places more interesting than outer space, and there’s a reason the cosmos has fascinated people for centuries. The universe is always expanding and evolving, plus it’s filled with amazing planets, stars, galaxies, nebulae, and more.

As anyone with an interest in astronomy will tell you, the night sky is a feast for both the eyes and the intellect, and with this in mind, we’ve made a quiz featuring some of the most stunning images from our astronomy books to challenge your interstellar knowledge.

Whether you’re new to stargazing or an experienced astronomer, you’re sure to appreciate the wonders of space captured in these photos.

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