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How to Build the Best Cheese Board for National Cheese Lover’s Day

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How to Build the Best Cheese Board for National Cheese Lover’s Day


As any cheese lover will tell you, crafting the perfect cheese board is an art form. There needs to be a combination of flavours, a balance of textures, and some visual interest to entice your guests.

Cheese comes in all shapes, sizes, flavours, and colours, which can be intimidating for non-experts, but if you follow the advice of the late, great Ann-Marie Dyas — cofounder of The Fine Cheese Co. in Bath, UK — you’ll be creating crowd-pleasing artisan cheese boards in no time.


Visit a specialist cheese shop

In order to put together a high-quality cheese board, you need to visit a high-quality cheese shop. Cheesemongers handle and taste cheese every day and will make it their mission to find something that suits your palate. They can also recommend perfect pairings.


Always ask to taste before you buy

Even if you have a favourite go-to cheese, always taste before you buy. Cheeses change as you taste, so let it warm in your mouth to release its flavour and become more complex after the initial taste.


Try an unpasteurized variety

While mass-market produced cheeses are typically pasteurized, they tend to lack pungency. Unpasteurized cheeses are made with raw milk and really step up the texture and flavour of a cheese.


Store your cheese correctly

Never use cling film to wrap cheese, as it draws moisture from the cheese. Foil is better and wax paper is ideal for wrapping. Store cheese in the salad drawer, as this is the warmest place in the fridge. To protect a prepared cheese board before your guests arrive, place a clean, wrung-out towel over the board to keep the cheese hydrated.


Serve cheese like an expert

A cheese board should always be served at room temperature. Remember to provide more than one knife if serving a blue cheese, and don’t forget to bring out some red wine to serve alongside your selection.


The perfect Italian cheese board

Dyas's recommendation for a “dreamboat plate” — included in Best of the Simple Things — is a pairing of La Tur, Pecorino Rosso, Gorgonzola Dolce, and Carboncino alongside fresh cherries.


What will you be enjoying this National Cheese Lover's Day?


Cheese board with raw goat's milk cheese, feta, and brie with a cheese knife


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