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Face Your Fears this Halloween with a Great Book

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Face Your Fears this Halloween with a Great Book


We are all afraid of something, whether it's a horror movie monster or a more palpable physical fear, and Halloween is the time of year when these fears are out in the open. 

Some fears are rational (a spider bite could have some frightening symptoms), while others make little sense (your dentist probably doesn't want to pull all your teeth out), but we're here to help you face them all!

Whatever you're afraid of, we have a great book that will help you face down your biggest fear — just in time for the scariest day of the year. 


If you’re afraid of witches, read Dictionary of Witches

"A surprising treat with a cackle on every page, this is a perfect book for Halloween or any day ending in Y."
— Kirkus Reviews (Starred Review)

(Get some great Halloween party recipes inspired by Dictionary of Witches here.)


If you’re afraid of haunted houses, read Old Toronto Houses

"A thing of great beauty and charm, something that will draw from you oohs and very possibly aahs."
— University of Toronto Bookstore Review

(Learn about Toronto's most haunted houses here.)


If you’re afraid of the dark, read Auroras: Fire in the Sky

"The shimmering, swirling, ghostly glowing northern lights are pictured here in multi-faceted glory."

— Winnipeg Free Press


If you're afraid of spiders, read Spiders: The Ultimate Predators

"I have never warmed much to spiders... [they] are too creepy... Well, I'm wrong and this book has changed my mind. Spiders are tops... One is tempted to think there is no such thing as a dull spider."

British Wildlife


If you’re afraid of mirrors, read Flawed

"Bold, funny, and brimming with emotional intelligence: a charming debut."
— Kirkus Reviews (Starred Review)

(Watch the book trailer for Flawed here.)


If you’re afraid of missing out, read Ed Stafford’s Ultimate Adventure Guide

“Climb aboard this book and set sail, walk, scale, run, kayak, camp, walk (with or without animals) ski, open water swim, cycle, mountain bike, raft, isolate yourself, drive, dive, run, hike, meditate, paraglide, go on safari, tackle the Magnificent Seven Summits, explore, live off grid — it is all here with fabulous breathtaking photography to add to the mix.”

— 5-star Amazon review


If you’re afraid of the dentist, read A History of Medicine in 50 Objects

“The author's choices are eclectic… The essays are engaging… well illustrated, well designed, and well produced. Highly recommended.”

— Choice

(Take our quiz to see how much you know about the history of medicine here.)


If you’re afraid of failure, read GQ How to Win at Life

"This is a great almanac of tips and tricks covering all sorts of everyday tasks and even extraordinary events like getting yourself out of a hostage situation."
— 5-star Amazon review

(Look inside GQ How to Win at Life here.)


If you’re afraid of history repeating itself, read Twisted History

"The past holds traitors, murderers, thieves, and gangsters with stories written in blood, bones, money, and immorality... These true tales of terror are grimmer than fiction and not for the faint of heart."
— Publishers Weekly

(Discover some of history's worst villains here.)


If you’re afraid of insects, maybe don’t read Beetles

"Masterly — the beetle book every entomologist will wish they'd had when starting out, condensing 400,000 species of beetle into a few hundred pages."
— Maxwell Barclay, National History Museum, London

(Find out 10 amazing facts about insects here.)


If you’re afraid of aliens, read The Universe Explained

"Awesome reference book. Filled with information on constellations, solar bodies, and images. Great balance of mythology/history and science."

— 5-star GoodReads review

(Discover 10 amazing things you probably didn't know about the universe here.)


If you’re afraid of zombies, read Night of the Living Dead Vol. 1 & 2


“It's said to never judge a book by its cover. Yet, Night of the Living Dead volume 1 does not pause with an impressive jacket. Elia Bonetti greets readers with realistic illustrations. Each panel is visually striking, each conveying a sense of violence, dread, and action. The level of detail within each design is astounding... a work of art.”

— DecayMag.com

(Enter to win a copy of Night of the Living Dead Vols. 1 & 2 here.)


Get the books:

 Dictionary of Witches

 Old Toronto Houses

 Auroras: Fire in the Sky

 Spiders: The Ultimate Predators


 Ed Stafford's Ultimate Adventure Guide

 A History of Medicine in 50 Objects

 GQ How to Win at Life

 Twisted History


 The Universe Explained

 Night of the Living Dead Vol. 1

 Night of the Living Dead Vol. 2

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