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6 Creative Date Ideas for Valentine’s Day

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6 Creative Date Ideas for Valentine’s Day


It’s time to ditch the boring dinner and a movie idea and impress your valentine with something new. Here’s how to make sure this Valentine’s Day is one your love will never forget. 




1. Visit a museum

Museum dates are the perfect way to learn more about your partner's interests and have fun learning about history together. Not to mention walking around for hours looking at exhibits while holding hands is super romantic. You can find tons of museums and more quirky places to visit including Ontario’s Grandest City Hall, Toronto’s Evergreen Brickworks, Ontario’s Tiniest Schoolhouse and Oshawa’s “Tank Museum” in Top 170 Unusual Things to See in Ontario by Ron Brown. 


Get the book: 
b2ap3_thumbnail_9781990140020-2.jpgTop 170 Unusual Things to See in Ontario




2. Have a winter picnic in a small town

Tell your date to wear hiking shoes, warm attire, pack up the car and head over to a small town close by. You can take them on a small hike around the area and then pick a scenic spot overlooking a lake to have lunch. For the extra special touch of romance, pack them a picnic you made yourself, including a hot thermos of coffee or hot chocolate! You can find breathtakingly beautiful hiking and picnic spots in Backroads of Southern Georgian Bay by Lynne Barnes, Keri Lockhart and Beverley Smith. The book is also packed with delicious picnic recipes including a nutty fudge that says “I Love You” way better than a boring old box of chocolates. 


Get the book:
b2ap3_thumbnail_9780228103653-5.jpg Backroads of Southern Georgian Bay 




3. Go to the aquarium
Aquariums aren’t just for school trips anymore; admiring colourful fish with your sweetheart can be delightful and charming. Start the date by giving your love a valentine that’s on theme like a fish-shaped card with the words “There are plenty of fish in the sea, but I’m glad I caught you.” If they are really passionate about fish and other wildlife in the ocean, gift them with a copy of Planktonia by Erich Hoyt where they can discover the beautiful world of microscopic plankton with over 150 close-up photographs. 


Get the book:
b2ap3_thumbnail_9780228103837-3.jpg Planktonia




4. Take an art class together

Love can be messy but messy doesn’t always have to be a bad thing, right? Roll up your sleeves and take your partner to a ceramics, painting or drawing class. If you need to brush up on your art skills beforehand, we recommend teaching yourself a few techniques now so you can impress your date later. You can learn how to crosshatch with Crosshatching in Pen and Ink by August Lamm.


Get the book:
b2ap3_thumbnail_9780228103776-4.jpg Crosshatching in Pen and Ink




5. Go on a bookstore date

If the love of your life loves books as much as they love you, this is a great way to show them you care. Spend a few hours browsing through the bookshop aisles together and talking about your favourite book genres. End the date by both choosing a book you love and buying it for each other. Afterall, flowers fade but books are forever. 




6. And for those spending Valentine’s day with their kids… heart-shaped pizza, of course!

Nothing says I love you to your family like heart-shaped food! Whether it’s pizza or a giant cookie, making it together is a part of the fun. Finish off the day reading something extra special together: Love You Forever by Robert Munsch.


Get the book:
b2ap3_thumbnail_9780920668375.jpg Love you Forever



Happy Valentine’s Day!


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