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300 Astronomical Objects: A Visual Reference to the Universe
Praise for the hardcover edition: BEST BOOKS 2007, JUNIOR HIGH AND YOUNG ADULTS, ASTRONOMY "Simply ..
Author Statement: Jamie Wilkins and Robert Dunn
Audience: Trade
Binding Description: |PAPERBACK |
Indian Basics: 85 Recipes Illustrated Step by Step
"This series of stripped-down pictorials worth a thousand words is the missing link between elementa..
Author Statement: Jody Vassallo; photographs by James Lindsay
Series Name: My Cooking Class
Audience: Trade
Binding Description: |PAPERBACK WITH FLAPS |
Piece of Cake!: One-Bowl, No-Fuss, From-Scratch Cakes
One-bowl cakes are the forgotten gems in the world of home baking. One-bowl cakes are the forgotten ..
Author Statement: Camilla V. Saulsbury
Audience: Trade
The Group of Seven and Tom Thomson
"Silcox [is] a wonderfully lucid stylist... this definitive volume presents 400 supreme color reprod..
Edition Notes: Compact Edition
Author Statement: David P. Silcox
Audience: Trade
Binding Description: |PAPERBACK |
Dogs Don't Eat Jam and Other Things Big Kids Know
Congratulations! You've been born. Now what?Congratulations! You've been born. Now what? New babie..
Author Statement: Sarah Tsiang; art by Qin Leng
Audience: Juvenile
Age range lower: 3
Age range upper: 6
Binding Description: |PAPERBACK |LIBRARY BOUND |
The Complete Book of Small-Batch Preserving: Counter Display Pack
Counter Display Pack with 6 copies of the paperback edition of The Complete Book of Small-Batch Pres..
Author Statement: Firefly Books
Audience: Trade
Death: The Scientific Facts to Help Us Understand It Better
Our love of life makes the inevitability of death very difficult to accept. Death is a comprehensive..
Author Statement: by Richard Béliveau, MD, PhD and Denis Gingras, PhD
Audience: Trade
Binding Description: |PAPERBACK |
The Clueless Vegetarian: A Cookbook for the Aspiring Vegetarian
Provides more than 130 recipes for delicious vegetarian dishes. Provides more than 130 recipes for d..
Edition Notes: Revised Edition
Author Statement: by Evelyn Raab
Audience: Trade
Binding Description: |PAPERBACK |
I Want to Be a Soldier
The I Want to Be... series provides young readers with some exciting opportunities to think... an at..
Author Statement: by Dan Liebman
Series Name: I Want to Be
Audience: Juvenile
Age range lower: 4
Age range upper: 7
Erebos: It's a game. It watches you.
-- Rights sold in 25 countries -- Translated into 23 languages -- Over 120,000 copies sold in German..
Edition Notes: Canadian and US rights only
Author Statement: by Ursula Poznanski ; translated by Judith Pattinson
Audience: Young Adult
Age range lower: 12
Age range upper: 18
The Real Wood Bible: The Complete Illustrated Guide to Choosing and Using 100 Decorative Woods
A practical and inspiring A-Z guide to the world's most popular woods. Many of the world's most be..
Edition Notes: Revised Edition: Each wood rated for sustainability status
Author Statement: Nick Gibbs
Audience: Trade
Binding Description: |LAY-FLAT PAPERBACK |
Practical Astronomy
Attractive, clearly written and includes all that a beginner would need to know to get started. --P..
Edition Notes: Second Edition, Updated and Revised
Author Statement: Storm Dunlop
Series Name: Firefly Pocket series
Audience: Trade
Binding Description: |PAPERBACK |
Photography of Natural Things: A Nature and Environment Workshop for Film and Digital Photography
The fourth edition now updated with many new photographs. An easily understood book that provides..
Edition Notes: Fourth Edition
Author Statement: Freeman Patterson
Audience: Trade
Binding Description: |PAPERBACK |
Complete Cake Mix Magic: 300 Easy Desserts Good as Homemade
Enjoy cake baking the easy and delicious way! Anyone who bakes from scratch knows that baking cake..
Author Statement: Jill Snider
Audience: Trade
Binding Description: |PAPERBACK |
Better Food For Dogs: A Complete Cookbook and Nutrition Guide
20,000 sold! The complete, authoritative guide that takes the guesswork out of feeding your dog ho..
Edition Notes: Updated with color photos
Author Statement: David Bastin, Jennifer Ashton and Dr. Grant Nixon, D.V.M.
Audience: Trade
Binding Description: |PAPERBACK |