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300 Sensational Soups
300 soup recipes that offer something from every season, meal (20 dessert soups) and occasion from e..
Author Statement: by Carla Snyder and Meredith Deeds
Audience: Trade
Binding Description: |PAPERBACK |
The Cheesecake Bible: Includes 200 Recipes
The definitive book on luscious, decadent cheesecake by a master chef and baker. The definitive book..
Author Statement: George Geary
Audience: Trade
Binding Description: |PAPERBACK |
Over the Rivers
The Aerial View of Geology series is based on the life work of Michael Collier who for 20 years has ..
Author Statement: written and photographed by Michael Collier
Series Name: An Aerial View of Geology
Audience: Trade
Binding Description: |HARDCOVER WITH JACKET |
300 Big and Bold Barbecue and Grilling Recipes
How to barbecue and grill everything from a steak to an apple. This superb collection of recipes f..
Author Statement: by Karen Adler and Judith Fertig
Audience: Trade
Binding Description: |PAPERBACK |
Nibbling on Einstein's Brain: The Good, the Bad and the Bogus in Science
Science affects every part of our lives. It can determine the foods we eat, the clothes we wear -- ..
Edition Notes: Updated and Newly Illustrated
Author Statement: by Diane Swanson; illustrated by Francis Blake
Audience: Trade
Age range lower: 8
Age range upper: 12
Binding Description: |PAPERBACK |HARDCOVER |
The Woodlot Management Handbook: Making the Most of Your Wooded Property For Conservation, Income or Both
How to get the most out of a parcel of land by growing trees for timber, selling firewood and preser..
Edition Notes: Second Edition, Revised and Expanded
Author Statement: by Stewart Hilts and Peter Mitchell ; illustrated by Ann-Ida Beck
Audience: Trade
Binding Description: |PAPERBACK |
Mini Encyclopedia of Rabbit Breeds and Care: A Color Directory of the Most Popular Breeds and Their Care
A comprehensive array of practical information on rabbit keeping.A comprehensive array of practical ..
Author Statement: by Geoff Russell
Audience: Trade
Binding Description: |PAPERBACK |
Martial Arts Made Easy
100 cool moves from a range of martial arts disciplines.100 cool moves from a range of martial arts ..
Author Statement: by Peter Lewis
Audience: Trade
Binding Description: |PAPERBACK |
Chicken, Pig, Cow On The Move
Chicken, Pig and Cow love their barn, but some days it feels a little crowded.Chicken, Pig and Cow l..
Author Statement: written and illustrated by Ruth Ohi
Series Name: Chicken, Pig, Cow
Audience: Juvenile
Age range lower: 2
Age range upper: 5
Binding Description: |LIBRARY BOUND |PAPERBACK |
Birds A to Z
A beautifully illustrated dictionary of 26 birds.A beautifully illustrated dictionary of 26 birds. ..
Author Statement: by Chris G. Earley ; photographs by Robert McCaw
Audience: Juvenile
Age range lower: 7
Age range upper: 10
Binding Description: |LIBRARY BOUND |PAPERBACK |
Amber: The Natural Time Capsule
A comprehensive introduction to amber and all its uses.A comprehensive introduction to amber and all..
Author Statement: by Andrew Ross
Audience: Trade
Binding Description: |HARDCOVER |
I.D.: Stuff that Happens to Define Us
Some things can change you forever.Some things can change you forever. This is a book about identity..
Author Statement: Edited by Kate Scowen ; Illustrated by Peter Mitchell
Audience: Young Adult
Age range lower: 13
Age range upper: 18
Binding Description: |HARDCOVER |PAPERBACK |
What's even better than reading a Robert Munsch story out loud? Acting in one!What's even better tha..
Author Statement: Plays by Irene N. Watts ; Original stories by Robert Munsch
Audience: Juvenile
Age range lower: 6
Age range upper: 9
Binding Description: |HARDCOVER |
Mighty machines in full color for the kids who love them.The Mighty Machines series. Mighty machines..
Author Statement: by Ian Graham
Series Name: Mighty Machines
Audience: Juvenile
Age range lower: 4
Age range upper: 7
Binding Description: |PAPERBACK |
Earth Then and Now: Amazing images of Our Changing World
300 stunning before-and-after photographs that show the staggering transformation of our world.300 s..
Edition Notes: Second Edition, Updated and Revised
Author Statement: by Fred Pearce ; Foreword by James Lovelock
Audience: Trade
Binding Description: |PAPERBACK |