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Frequently Asked Questions - General Questions

FAQs - General Questions

Firefly Books Ltd., established in 1977, is a North American publisher of non-fiction and distributor of non-fiction and children's books. Firefly's goal is to bring readers beautifully produced books written by experts at reasonable prices.

Firefly Books Ltd. 50 Staples Avenue Unit 1 Richmond Hill, Ontario L4B 0A7

Click here for comprehensive Firefly contact information.

Firefly books are available wherever books are sold. In addition to bookstores and online booksellers, many specialty stores carry our books. You can also search your local public library for a Firefly book. Ordering info here.

We do not accept unsolicited manuscripts but accept proposals for illustrated non-fiction. Please familiarize yourself with the works Firefly Books publishes before writing to us. We do not publish children's books. Proposals must be mailed and contain the following to receive consideration: one-page letter describing the book's purpose and audience, author resume, outline or table of contents, sample chapter, sample images (20 laser or high quality color prints, do not send originals or disks). Mail to: Editorial Submissions Firefly Books Ltd. 50 Staples Ave., Unit 1 Richmond Hill, Ontario L4B 0A7 We respond to proposals in 3-4 months of receipt. Should we decline the submission, materials will only be returned if a self-addressed and properly stamped envelope is included. We cannot acknowledge or respond to e-mailed submissions or queries.

Accredited members of the media may request a book by e-mailing Publicity Please include full contact information and publication name. You may also fax your request on company letterhead. Freelance writers include publication and your editor's name.

Please send a copy of your review to: Publicity Department Firefly Books Ltd. 50 Staples Ave., Unit 1 Richmond Hill, Ontario L4B 0A7

Please mail your query to an author in care of Firefly Books. For example, address it to: Terence Dickinson, c/o Firefly Books, 50 Staples Ave., Unit 1, Richmond Hill, ON, L4B 0A7

Bookmarks or posters are subject to availability. Please contact Publicity

We appreciate the opportunity to promote our books to your audience. Please contact us with details about your silent auction, fundraiser, etc., and let us know how participating organizations will be recognized. Please contact Publicity

If you find missing pages or believe a book you have bought is defective in some way please return it to the store where it was purchased.

Firefly Books advertises its books in various print publications, please send rate card and information to Publicity

Yes. Firefly Books is active in special and corporate markets offering a wide range of books throughout virtually all book categories. More info Special and Corporate Sales section in Contact Us.

Due to the large amount of photography submissions we receive for our calendar lines, we cannot promise to respond to all submissions or return any material that we receive unsolicited. However, if you would like to submit a portfolio of images that are suitable to the calendars that Firefly publishes then please send sample images (20 laser or high quality color prints, do not send originals or disks) and contact information to: Calendar Submissions Firefly Books Ltd. 50 Staples Ave., Unit 1, Richmond Hill, Ontario L4B 0A7

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