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Nature Hikes: Near Toronto Trails and Adventures

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Publisher: Boston Mills Press

Edition Notes: Revised and Updated
Author Statement: by Janet Eagleson, photography by Rosemary G. Hasner
Audience: Trade
Specs: color photographs throughout
Pages: 208
Trim Size: 6" x 9" x 5/8"
Language code 1: eng
Publication Date: 20090215
Copyright Year: 2009
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Nature Hikes: Near Toronto Trails and Adventures

For residents and visitors alike, Toronto can seem far away from nature. However, it's much easier to escape the city than one might think. Nature Hikes is a beautifully illustrated guidebook that leads the way to 56,000 acres of Ontario's most compelling natural features. This new edition is completely revised and updated to reflect recent changes to conservation areas.

The book features 33 conservation areas in all, including the five most accessible conservation authority preserves near Toronto -- Credit Valley, Nottawasaga Valley, Toronto and Region, Lake Simcoe Region and Central Lake Ontario -- which provide access to natural attractions such as:

  • Bird meccas
  • Secret wildlife spots
  • Excellent fi shing holes
  • Incredible hiking and biking trails
  • Breathtaking vistas.
  • Nature Hikes is a must-have guide for groups and individuals who love wild places and the special creatures that live there. Each chapter covers a conservation area with stunning color photography, detailed directions and maps, complete trail and activity information and notes on flora and fauna. Numerous amusing anecdotes from those who have been there are sure to inspire readers to explore for themselves.


    Janet Eagleson is the author of The Maple Syrup Book.

    Rosemary Hasner's photography has been featured in some 20 exhibits and in the books Dufferin County and The Maple Syrup Book.


    Close your eyes and imagine your favorite moment in the great outdoors. Perhaps it's that instant, just after the rain stops, when the pine forest smells so green. Maybe it's the thrill of seeing your first black and white warbler creeping around a branch, just an arm's length away. It could be the rush of adrenaline that surges through your body as you approach the edge of a sheer rock face. Or maybe, very simply, it's that moment of relief when you realize that the tiny hiker beside you actually enjoys nature more than that television show you hate so much.

    Welcome to Nature Hikes: Near-Toronto Trails and Adventures, a book that celebrates the natural world and recognizes that nature touches each of us in very different ways. As you thumb through the pages that follow, you will be introduced to the many treasures of natural resources and wildlife habitats that you can discover close to your own home. These areas have been protected by your local Conservation Authority, which works diligently to preserve the quality and health of your regional environment.

    For your convenience, this book is organized into geographic sections -- east, west, north, south and central. Each Conservation Area or park includes a summary of critical site information, an at-a-glance activity list, a map of the trails, and a first-person interpretive account of everything from flora and fauna to geology and history. The stories you will soon read are factually accurate but their tone is definitely casual -- if you're looking for a traditional field guide, this book is not for you. The stories reflect the many different experiences I stumbled upon (or fell over) during my outdoor adventures.

    As you make your way along the pathways described in Nature Hikes, you will be struck by both the majesty and the delicacy of our natural world. With this in mind, I hope that you continue to develop a respectful relationship with nature. Always keep your dogs on a leash. Please stay on the designated trails to avoid damage to sensitive vegetation. View wildlife quietly from a distance. Baby birds and animals may be adorable, but please do not approach nests or dens. The stress of your approach is likely to drive the adult bird or animal away, causing them to leave their eggs or their young vulnerable to predators or extreme weather. If you see a young bird or baby animal that seems either to have fallen from its nest or to have been abandoned, do not touch it. Most of these seemingly helpless creatures are actually being cared for by their parents and are more likely to survive in their parents' care than yours. It is also good to remember that while sunscreen and insect repellent are essential for humans, they leave oils on your fingers that can cause considerable harm to wildflowers, insects, frogs, salamanders and just about every species of flora and fauna imaginable. Please look without touching, take out everything you bring into an area and leave only with photographs.

    Nature provides different meanings and different inspirations to everyone. The beautiful parks in Nature Hikes: Near-Toronto Trails and Adventures have captured my imagination and my soul... I hope they capture yours, too.



    Purple Woods Conservation Area
    Long Sault Conservation Area
    Enniskillen Conservation Area
    Heber Down Conservation Area
    Lynde Shores Conservation Area / Cranberry Marsh
    Petticoat Creek Conservation Area
    Beaver River Trails

    Terra Cotta Conservation Area
    Heart Lake Conservation Area
    Belfountain Conservation Area
    Elora Cataract Trailway
    Island Lake Conservation Area / Orangeville Reservoir
    Glen Haffy Conservation Area

    Tiffin Centre for Conservation
    Fort Willow Conservation Area
    Petun Conservation Area
    Osprey Wetlands
    Minesing Swamp
    Nottawasaga River Canoe Route
    Nottawasaga Bluffs Conservation Area

    Rattray Marsh Conservation Area
    Tommy Thompson Park

    Black Creek Pioneer Village
    Rogers Reservoir Conservation Area
    Sheppard's Bush Conservation Area
    Thornton Bales Conservation Area
    Rouge Park
    Bruce's Mill Conservation Area
    Kortright Centre for Conservation
    Whitchurch Conservation Area
    Albion Hills Conservation Area
    Scanlon Creek Conservation Area
    Boyd Conservation Area

     .  .