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How to Raise Monarch Butterflies: A Step-by-Step Guide for Kids
Revel in one of the most remarkable miracles of nature. "The breezy and down-to-earth text ... nicel..
Edition Notes: Revised and Updated
Author Statement: by Carol Pasternak
Audience: Juvenile
Age range lower: 6
Age range upper: 12
Anatomy of Exercise for Longevity: A Trainer's Guide to a Long and Healthy Life
A new addition to an innovative series with sales exceeding 250,000. A recent study by Brigham and W..
Author Statement: Hollis Lance Liebman
Series Name: Anatomy of
Audience: Trade
Binding Description: |PAPERBACK |
Wildlife Watcher Guide: Animal Tracking - Photography Skills - Fieldcraft - Safety - Footprint Indentification - Camera Traps - Making a Blind - Night-timeTracking
Comprehensive guidance for aspiring wildlife photographers. This book provides essential advice on h..
Author Statement: Michael Leach and Meriel Lland
Audience: Juvenile
Age range lower: 10
Age range upper: 13
Binding Description: |FLEXI-BOUND PAPERBACK |
Rocky Mountains 2018
The Rocky Mountains are North America's most spectacular range, stretching from the Arctic watershe..
Author Statement: Photographs by Tim Fitzharris
Audience: Trade
Sous Vide Basics: 100+ Recipes for Perfect Results
These professional chefs take the guesswork out of preparing meals with this ingenious appliance. ..
Author Statement: Jay Nutt and Jennifer MacKenzie
Audience: Trade
Binding Description: |PAPERBACK |
Firefly Encyclopedia of Transportation: A Comprehensive Look at the World of Transportation
A comprehensive look at the world of transportation with hundreds of superb illustrations. Firefl..
Author Statement: Oliver Green, Editor ; Ian Graham, Philip Wilkinson and Andrew Nahum, contributors
Audience: Juvenile
Age range lower: 9
Age range upper: 12
Binding Description: |SEWN PAPERBACK |
Food Atlas: Discover All the Delicious Foods of the World
An exciting visual journey around the world of foods and flavors. Food Atlas takes readers on a g..
Author Statement: Giulia Malerba ; Illustrations by Febe Sillani
Audience: Juvenile
Age range lower: 8
Age range upper: 17
Moose: Crowned Giant of the Northern Wilderness
Features more than 80 powerful photographs of this majestic animal. Moose features the biology an..
Author Statement: Mark Raycroft
Audience: Trade
Binding Description: |PAPERBACK |
The Complete Guide to Winter Camping
The Happy Camper is back! This time Kevin Callan is equipping campers with all they need to know ab..
Author Statement: Kevin Callan
Audience: Trade
Binding Description: |PAPERBACK |
Preserving Made Easy: Small Batches and Simple Techniques
Preserving Made Easy is the perfect book for today's busy cooks who still want to prepare and enjoy..
Author Statement: Ellie Topp and Margaret Howard
Audience: Trade
Binding Description: |MASS MARKET PAPERBACK |
Strangers in a New Land: What Archaeology Reveals About the First Americans
Where did Native Americans come from and when did they first arrive? Several lines of evidence, most..
Author Statement: J.M. Adovasio and David Pedler
Audience: Trade
Every Dog: A Book of Over 450 Breeds
A comprehensive visual reference. Every Dog: A Book of Over 450 Breeds packs in a lot of information..
Author Statement: Nancy Hajeski
Audience: Trade
Binding Description: |FLEXIBOUND PAPERBACK |
Tom Thomson 2018: Bilingual (English/French)
Tom Thomson 2018 celebrates the work of one of Canada's best-loved artists with art-quality reprodu..
Author Statement: Tom Thomson
Audience: Trade
The Guide to Modern Cupping Therapy: A Step-by-Step Source for Vacuum Therapy
An ancient technique has found its place in the modern world of healing. In recent years countles..
Author Statement: Shannon Gilmartin, CMT
Audience: Trade
Binding Description: |PAPERBACK |
Firefly Wildlife Atlas: A Comprehensive Guide to Animal Habitats
A captivating, fact-filled atlas exploring animal habitats around the world for home or school. T..
Author Statement: John Farndon
Audience: Juvenile
Age range lower: 9
Age range upper: 12
Binding Description: |SEWN PAPERBACK |

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