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The Duct Tape Book
25 Projects to Make With Duct Tape

Jolie Dobson

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144 pages, 8 3/4" X 8" X 7/16"
more than 75 color photographs and drawings
EAN: 9781770850989
ISBN: [ 1770850988 ]
14.95 CDN / 14.95 US

Duct tape has become the material of choice for creating fashions that showcase the wearer's originality and ingenuity.
-- The New York Times

Duct tape has become a cultural phenomenon, one of those things that explodes in popularity as more and more people find that its creative possibilities for fun far exceed its practical uses. Everything from prom dresses to artistic shoe repair is now made from this magic tape and millions of people follow the latest designs and projects on the many websites devoted to duct tape.

Duct tape was invented during World War II when the military needed a strong, waterproof tape that could be used for emergency repairs. Using surgical tape as a base the new invention soon became everybody's secret weapon.

This book contains 25 fascinating, original new projects -- some useful, all fun to do -- that are sure to capture the attention of duct tape artists everywhere. Easy to follow instructions and color photographs combine to guide anyone to producing unique and useful duct tape projects, including:

  • Bike pannier: customize your ride
  • Vest: look great in tape
  • Purse: unique, fashionable carryall
  • Piggy bank: stick your money away
  • Wallet: personalized ID holder
  • Bow ties: fun with formal or formal turned fun
  • Picture frames: reframe your memories
  • Knapsack: personalize your pack
  • Skirt and chaps
  • Tissue box
  • plus many seasonal projects and decorations.

Join the fun! A few minutes spent with this book will help you master the sticky stuff and get on your way to being part of one of the most exciting and creative trends of the decade.

Jolie Dobson is a photographer and multidisciplinary artist. She is a graduate of the Ontario College of Art and Design and lives in Toronto, Ontario.

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